Paying too much for dental marketing? Quite probably yes.

For many dentists, times are getting harder and the need to control costs is more important than ever before. It is also widely acknowledged that effective dental marketing is becoming increasingly important as dentists compete for patients and in particular, “high end” treatments like dental implants and invisible braces.

Historically, dental marketing companies have rolled out “one-size-fits-all” monthly maintenance packages to their clients who arguably accepted without really knowing what it all meant. But just how effective are these dental marketing packages? Are they good value and do they return on the investment? Now, more than ever, it really is important to know what is being delivered…. (more…)

Phone Call Analytics for Dentists

Have you ever wondered what proportion of your patient enquiries come from telephone calls versus clicks through to your website contact form? Or which of your keywords prompted the user to pick up the phone? Or perhaps how effective your latest patient leaflet campaign has been? Well we can now offer a highly effective solution that allows you to track telephone calls as well as clicks on your website. The data is clearly presented in a user-friendly control panel that is fully integrated with Google Analytics. So how does it work…..? (more…)

Optimise Your Dental Adwords Campaign For Big Savings

Many dentists continue to waste money by failing to optimise their web marketing strategies. The two biggest culprits are a) payment for over-promised and under-delivered monthly support packages and b) poorly optimised and managed Adwords campaigns.

The latter element, Adwords, is a system whereby a dentist can secure high Google rankings using something called “pay-per-click” (PPC). Basically you pay Google to show your advert on page one and the more you pay (or bid) per click, the higher you advert appears. This mechanism can be useful in very competitive environments, for new websites or to advertise periodic special offers. Ideally you should consider investing in a solid organic (non-paid) SEO programme to reduce the reliance on PPC but Adwords does have a place and can be very useful if managed correctly.

However, way too many Adwords campaigns are not set-up correctly and then not managed ongoing. The potential to waste money is huge. To put this in perspective, dentists will typically be spending anything between £200 and £2000 per month on their Adwords campaigns depending on their location and competition. Experience shows that a properly managed dental Google Adwords campaign will cost 50% – 60% less than a poorly managed campaign. The savings potential is clear and significant. (more…)

Poor on-site SEO penalises new dental websites

Good quality SEO is critical to ensure prominence in Google – nothing new there. So why do some dental design companies skimp on the on-site SEO needed to give a new website the best chance in Google? There are many examples of this and we can only wonder why it might be happening? (more…)

Mobile Dental Websites

With between 5 and 10% of all traffic now coming from hand-held devices, now is the time to consider adding a mobile website to your marketing portfolio. This will become even more important in the coming months as traffic from mobile devices increases. Whilst the data shows us that it is still primarily the younger demographic that is using mobile to access the web, this is predicted to shift considerably over the next 6 – 9 months as more and more people begin to realise the full potential of their mobile devices. (more…)

Marketing “gotchas” to look out for

All is not as transparent as it may seem when you are dealing with some dental design and marketing companies. Unfortunately we see too many case where a little knowledge is sufficient to mesmerise the layman (in this case unsuspecting dentists) and convince them to purchase services that are simple to implement but carry a disproportionate price tag! Here are some of the major “gotchas” to look out for: (more…)

Cost Effective Dental Marketing

What are the components of a good dental web marketing package and what does it cost? It is important to understand this both in terms of what you can expect it to deliver (new patients and ROI) but also for cost budgeting. The main purpose of this article is to provide an accurate reference for dentists who are researching their marketing options but also to provide a much more realistic cost comparison to some of the over exaggerated costs that I’ve seen published recently….. (more…)

Essential Standard Features For Dental Websites

A good looking and easy-to-use website is still the cornerstone for any on-line dental marketing strategy. However, the features you may have found in a website just one year ago may no longer be sufficient today. The internet continues to develop very quickly and consequently your website must keep pace. So what are the recommended standard features? (more…)

Massive traffic increase for dental websites

With just over 50% of all new patient referrals coming via websites in 2010 its abundantly clear why a dominant Google position is critical for dental websites. A high ranking position is a must – without it your competitors will steal your business from under your nose. But exactly how much difference does that high ranking position make? (more…)

Paying too much for your dental Adwords campaign?

We do not need to dwell on the importance of Google ranking position as it has been covered here and elsewhere on  a number of occasions. Suffice to say that its no use having a great looking dental website without holding a prominent position in the search engines, in particular Google.

There are two main ways to achieve a good ranking position:

  • good on-site and off-site search engine optimisation to push position in the organic or natural search listings
  • use of pay-per-click (PPC) – typically Google Adwords

To bring some dimensions to the discussion, a dentist who uses Adwords will typically be spending anything between £10 and £50 per day depending on location and the competition for the chosen search terms. Quite a considerable outlay and a sizeable dent in the marketing budget. There is a much more cost effective way…. (more…)