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Latest Google Ads Features For Dentists

New tools to enhance your Google pay-per-click performance Over the last few years we’ve written several blog articles covering the use of Google Ads (formerly AdWords) as part of comprehensive dental marketing strategies and how it is becoming commonplace to

Your “Must Do” Modern Dental Marketing Tactics

These proven techniques are essential within a modern marketing campaign for dentists The days of expecting patients to simply walk into a dental practice in sufficient numbers to sustain and grow it are long passed. This reality simply means that

Are your lead follow-up procedures adequate?

Are those “golden nugget” patient enquiries being followed up diligently by the practice team? Any competent digital marketer should be able to generate new patient enquiries from web, typically using the main Google and Facebook channels and via a mix

Did your dental coach just give you some questionable advice?

Check out coaching recommendations carefully before jumping in There are now quite a few dental coaches and advisors in the industry who move from practice to practice offering advice to busy dentists. This appears to range from the fundamentals of

Mobile-first Google Indexing

What does “mobile-first” mean and how does it impact your website? In today’s blog we are taking a closer look at perhaps one of the least well understood aspects of how Google search works, albeit one of the most important.

No padlock showing in your “secure” website page?

How to track down non-secure design assets which are compromising your dental website So your web designer updated your website to https encryption, possibly at a very handsome fee, but you’re still seeing an insecure message and no green padlock

The hidden benefits of digital marketing

Build & consolidate your local business presence – digitally! Quantifying pay back on digital marketing spend is clearly very important. Without the correct metrics in place, it is impossible to validate the effects of a campaign and then optimise it

SEO versus PPC – the current state of play for dentists

When it comes to SEO or pay-per-click ads, which do you choose? Back in 2015 we wrote a blog which concluded that organic SEO i.e. seeking out best positions in the free Google ranking, was preferable in many cases to

Basic Mistakes With Mobile Websites

Check your dental website for these four common errors Many dentists (not all!) have now realised that it is essential to ensure that their practice websites are mobile-friendly. This is not just essential to ensure a good user experience, but

Why you need to control your Google web assets and tools

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Google My Business, Analytics, Ads, Search Console – here’s why you need to control those accounts Google provides lots of useful free tools to help business owners monitor, maintain and promote their websites. The main ones are explained below and