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WordPress 5.0 is coming soon – it will probably break your website!

WordPress problems

Huge changes to WordPress imminent – have you tested in advance? Elsewhere in this blog we’ve discussed the issues associated with using the popular, but maintenance-heavy, WordPress platform for your dental website. The issues associated with hacking, incompatibility of plugins

Technical SEO and your website

website poor performance

Why the technical performance of your website matters more than ever before – for users AND search engines Have you noticed the proliferation of dental websites which rely on huge images to generate “wow” on the home page, typically presented

Employee Advocacy

training session for dental staff

Don’t miss out on this huge marketing asset You may be fueling business growth through the well-known and effective channels of digital marketing, for example SEO and pay-per-click, but are you missing out on another critical asset which is right

When your website gets hacked

WordPress hack risk

What steps do you need to take to get back on track quickly? If you look through search engine results you won’t need to go too far before finding dental websites which have been hacked. Google in particular, is now

Why most dentists fail with Facebook marketing

Facebook logo

Is the rush to Facebook dental marketing working for you? Likely not…. The hottest topic in dental marketing at the moment is arguably Facebook advertising. With most agencies pushing this and with this “new” channel becoming ever more accessible, the

Is your dental reception video effective?

Video Presentation Dental Waiting Room

Presenting the right content on your waiting room flat-screen TV The dental reception video is an excellent tool for helping existing patients understand more about the treatments you provide and encouraging them to investigate new options to enhance their smiles

Targeting Your Google Ads For Enhanced Performance

Google Ads

Reduce click-budget and improve conversions in your dental Google Ads campaigns Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is becoming increasingly popular (and necessary) as part of comprehensive dental marketing campaigns. As we’ve discussed earlier, Google is dedicating more space in search results

Don’t lose out on new patient enquiries at the front-desk

budget for marketing

The crucial role of the reception team in your dental marketing campaigns. The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to secure new business; so for dentists the bottom line is acquiring new patients who want the type of treatments

Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines For Websites

If you’re interested in SEO for your dental website, follow Google’s advice! In this blog you may have seen a number of references to search engine optimisation, including Google’s web ranking algorithms and how to improve the position of your

When your marketer won’t discuss return on investment

confused website user

Is the ROI question a bridge too far for your dental marketing agency? If you’ve read other articles in our blog, you’ll be aware that one of our biggest irritations regarding the dental marketing industry, is the lack of accountability