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SEO versus PPC – the current state of play for dentists

When it comes to SEO or pay-per-click ads, which do you choose? Back in 2015 we wrote a blog which concluded that organic SEO i.e. seeking out best positions in the free Google ranking, was preferable in many cases to

Basic Mistakes With Mobile Websites

Check your dental website for these four common errors Many dentists (not all!) have now realised that it is essential to ensure that their practice websites are mobile-friendly. This is not just essential to ensure a good user experience, but

Why you need to control your Google web assets and tools

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Google My Business, Analytics, Ads, Search Console – here’s why you need to control those accounts Google provides lots of useful free tools to help business owners monitor, maintain and promote their websites. The main ones are explained below and

Promote Your Dental Business Using Facebook

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Methods to extend your reach and gain new patients! Whether we like it or not, Facebook seems to be an ever-present feature in many people’s lives and it won’t be going away any time soon. To ignore it would be

Dental Marketing Expert – Says Who?

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Avoiding the self-proclaimed SEO ninjas and marketing experts. Perhaps it’s the ill-conceived thought of “rich dentists” that continues to lure new companies into the dental marketing space? Certainly the influx of new start-ups in the sector continues apace and all

Did your Google rankings drop?

Falling dental traffic and profit

When should you panic? I think it’s fair to say, that like most small business owners, dentists know the huge importance of Google for securing new client sign-ups. Whilst paid ads are becoming more important, organic (free) search ranking is

SEO, SEM, SMM – what do these marketing terms mean for dentists?

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Navigating the minefield of dental marketing acronyms and abbreviations Those who are new to the field of digital marketing may well be confused regarding the plethora of terms and abbreviations which are used to represent the different tools and techniques

What type of content works best for dental websites?

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Is your website engaging? Or are you stuck in the crowd? One of the most frequent questions we are asked when a dentist contracts us to build a new practice website is “what type of content do I need to

Landing Pages For Pay-Per-Click Marketing – Yes Or No?

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Are landing pages always the best approach to encourage dental PPC conversions? Let’s start by quickly reviewing what a “landing page” actually is, why they came into being and why there is a huge amount of research associated with their

The Wild-West of WordPress Plugins

WordPress hack risk

Be cautious or end up with a broken or hacked website! If you’ve ever researched website design you’ll probably be aware that there are systems available which allow you to update the content of the website directly, without referring back