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Don’t lose out on new patient enquiries at the front-desk

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The crucial role of the reception team in your dental marketing campaigns. The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to secure new business; so for dentists the bottom line is acquiring new patients who want the type of treatments

Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines For Websites

If you’re interested in SEO for your dental website, follow Google’s advice! In this blog you may have seen a number of references to search engine optimisation, including Google’s web ranking algorithms and how to improve the position of your

When your marketer won’t discuss return on investment

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Is the ROI question a bridge too far for your dental marketing agency? If you’ve read other articles in our blog, you’ll be aware that one of our biggest irritations regarding the dental marketing industry, is the lack of accountability

EAT and your website – important Google update!

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Why “expertise, authority and trust” now matter more than ever for dental content In March and again at the start of August this year, Google introduced some significant changes in the way that they assess how and where websites appear

The Benefits Of A Comprehensive Treatments Section On Your Website

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Don’t skimp on content – it won’t do you any favours in Google search I recently watched a video of a business coach discussing dental practice websites with his web designer, where layout and content were discussed in some depth.

Google Giving SEO Advantages To Faster Websites

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Google’s algorithm speed update and what you need to do In its ongoing quest to optimise the web, Google is becoming increasingly focused on website speed and how quickly pages display when a viewer opens them in their browser. Much

Why An Encrypted Dental Website Is Now Essential

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Don’t allow your website to show an insecure warning – get an SSL certificate now! Back in February this year we wrote to over 300 of our dental clients to remind them of the impending GDPR regulations and what needed

How Much Should You Spend On Dental Marketing?

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Guideline figures to help with your practice budgeting Budgeting for dental practice marketing is a hot topic and one where business principals often struggle to know where to start. Unfortunately there is no easy formula to calculate this as each

New SEO reporting from Dental Media

Even more transparency for your digital marketing campaigns As I’ve mentioned previously in this blog, it never ceases to amaze when new dental SEO clients tell me that their old digital marketing supplier never provided reports to validate the success

Can dental web content really go viral?

Yes! This example illustrates how viral content can sky-rocket your search results A few months ago we started a low-key SEO campaign for a dentist based in the south-east of England. This was using a typical set of techniques including