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Choosing images which work well for Facebook advertising

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Getting attention whilst still complying with Facebook’s strict advertising rules One of our most popular services here at Dental Media at the moment is Facebook marketing for dentists. This is where we use our marketing skill to create engaging adverts

Optimising Your Dental Marketing Plan For 2019

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4 key drivers for success With 2019 upon us and new opportunities ahead, it’s timely to take a quick look at some of the priority actions required to ensure your dental marketing campaign is working optimally. Google in particular, made

Starting SEO for your dental practice website?

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Know these 9 things before you begin! Prominent, sustainable search engine rankings are a key foundation for any dental business keen to gain new patients from the web. With web enquiries being second only to word-of-mouth referrals, it’s important to

Why a £50 per month pay-per-click budget will likely fail

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Explaining attrition in your lead-funnel and the need for realistic budgets One of the key questions we often hear when dentists enquire about our pay-per-click marketing services is how much to budget for the click costs paid to Google or

3 reasons not to quit your organic SEO campaign….

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….and one good reason why you should! Here at Dental Media we look after websites and digital marketing campaigns for hundreds of dentists based in the UK. A large component of the monthly work we undertake on their behalf involves

Why Ad Content Refreshes Are Critical For Facebook Marketing

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Stagnant Facebook Ads Don’t Work And Cost You Money! Advertising on Facebook is fast becoming a “must-have” component of any comprehensive dental marketing tool-kit. However, you may see more dentists expressing frustration with the Facebook channel than celebrating their success

Is your minimalist blogging an SEO risk?

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Short-form 200 word blog articles will likely be penalised by Google Regularly adding high quality content to your website via a blog is widely recognised as a great way to help users understand and interact with your business, as well

Why your outsourced social media isn’t working

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Don’t waste hundreds of pounds on under-performing social media services – here’s why…. There is a lot of skepticism in dental world about the value-for-money offered by some search engine marketing companies, and rightly so. There is a strong tendency

WordPress 5.0 is coming soon – it will probably break your website!

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Huge changes to WordPress imminent – have you tested in advance? Elsewhere in this blog we’ve discussed the issues associated with using the popular, but maintenance-heavy, WordPress platform for your dental website. The issues associated with hacking, incompatibility of plugins

Technical SEO and your website

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Why the technical performance of your website matters more than ever before – for users AND search engines Have you noticed the proliferation of dental websites which rely on huge images to generate “wow” on the home page, typically presented