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The Wild-West of WordPress Plugins

WordPress hack risk

Be cautious or end up with a broken or hacked website! If you’ve ever researched website design you’ll probably be aware that there are systems available which allow you to update the content of the website directly, without referring back

The Benefits Of Wide Keyword Coverage For SEO

Keyword target and SEO

Why you need more than just a couple of keywords on page one of Google There is too much hang up about keywords when it comes to dental SEO these days, particularly when considering how far Google has moved on

Using 3rd party supplier or association logos on your website

reviewing website content

Respecting dental branding and copyright Understandably, dentists have numerous associations with 3rd party suppliers to their businesses and often want to showcase these relationships on their own dental practice websites. This is usually a good initiative in that it helps

Microsites – don’t do it!

Falling dental traffic and profit

If you’ve been approached to have a dental microsite built – think twice! Here’s why…. Microsites, i.e. small websites focused on a single topic, used to be a prominent technique used by SEO companies to gain advantage in the search

Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Dentists

budget for marketing

Can you continue to ignore paid advertising? Pay-per-click is here to stay, like it or not. A prominent web footprint has always been a huge component of successful dental marketing campaigns and this is now accepted by most. It used

Video backgrounds – pros and cons for your website

waiting for a website to load

Consider carefully before using video as your web page background. One of the popular trends in web design at the moment is the use of a video as the main background feature for the home page of a website. This

Do reviews affect your organic Google rankings?

request for review

The evidence suggests yes! Another frequently asked question from dentists to the team here at the Dental Media office is “do reviews on Google affect where my website appears in the search results?” Before we go into detail, let’s break

Experience counts when it comes to choosing your marketing partner!

confused website user

Dental marketing agencies come and go – don’t get left in the lurch You may have seen the large increase in the number of marketing agencies trying to get into the dental space over the last two or three years.

Which Type Of Customer Relationship Management System For Dentists?

linking hands crm

Why it’s time to consider CRM for your dental practice and how to choose. One of the big frustrations we have as dental marketers is the apparent lack of comprehensive systems for capturing and nurturing leads at the practice level.

Why your branding comes before your new website

dental branding example

Your logo is a key part of your business identity and needs to come first! An issue which is raised quite often when we are planning new websites for dentists is that of the business identity i.e. the logo and