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Can dental web content really go viral?

Yes! This example illustrates how viral content can sky-rocket your search results A few months ago we started a low-key SEO campaign for a dentist based in the south-east of England. This was using a typical set of techniques including

Choosing between a bespoke, modular design or pre-configured package for your dental website

optimising website design

Why “all in one” web design packages may not be your best bet The current landscape in dental web design appears to be one of providing pre-configured packages for dentists who are time-poor and just need their designer to pull

Encrypted email services for dentists

Is email ever 100% safe for transferring sensitive information? There is a great deal of confusion regarding encrypted email and what this actually means, particularly if you are considering using email to contact dental patients or perhaps transferring information to

Clickfunnels – DIY landing pages for dentists

Using DIY landing pages builders for dental PPC campaigns If you are reasonably experienced with running pay-per-click campaigns for your dental business, perhaps using Google AdWords and/or Facebook advertising, then you are likely aware of the importance of “landing pages”.

Domain names and web hosting for dentists

Understand the difference for your dental website project In another of our “understanding the basics” blogs, today we take a quick look at website domains and hosting. For lots of people this is already clear, but for those relatively new

Get New Dental Patients Using Facebook and MailChimp

A simple scheme to build new patient sign-ups for dentists There are numerous techniques dentists can use to encourage new patients sign-ups by harnessing the power of the Internet. There is the “long game” whereby you build a great website

Online marketing mistakes you may be making every day

Audit your dental marketing campaign to eliminate these common errors. So you have a digital marketing campaign up-and-running for your dental practice? Perhaps most of it is ‘DIY’ on the back of advice you may have gleaned from the Internet,

GDPR – avoid these mistakes!

Top mistakes we’ve encountered during the dental GDPR update frenzy This blog will be published on or around deadline day for GDPR – 25th May, and so you could say it’s a little late with its advice. However, given that

Dentists – How To Gain Prominence In Google Maps And Local Search

Four steps to local ranking dominance The number of patients who find dentists via their Google “maps” and local results presence is significant – however this is only true for those practices whose website feature prominently in the local/map results

Topic Authority And Dental SEO

Establish an authoritative website for top Google positions It is Google’s publicly stated aim to deliver the best answers for questions posed by users in their search engine. To achieve this Google tries to identify those websites which are popular