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First page positions for all of our clients including many at position 1!

We optimise all of our dental sites to achieve page one ranking for their chosen key-phrases and primary location.

We also provide advanced SEO services including techniques to help dentists expand their search engine presence, not just searches for their immediate location. Please contact us for details.

To achieve a prime Google ranking, a number of SEO factors must be considered – this is where the expertise at Dental Media comes to bear. Your website must be coded to latest standards (to be “indexed” correctly by the search engines) and “relevant”. Google also uses factors like the number and quality of back-links to your website to calculate its “relevance” or popularity and ultimately its ranking position and “authority”.

It is very important to understand that there is no "secret sauce" to SEO, just hard work and experience. Gone are the days of simply outsourcing link-building to cheap, off-shore suppliers - this tactic is completely obsolete and *will* result in your website being penalised by Google. Today, SEO incorporates a much broader range of techniques including blogging to generate fresh and interesting information and the active use of social media. You can read more about these methods and how they work in our blog.

Ranking recovery service

Over the last few years, Google has introduced algorithm updates, affectionately named 'Penguin' and 'Panda', which penalise websites that have been over-optimised. Many dental sites have been hit badly and fallen way back in the search rankings, typically where their SEO company built lots of bad links using cheap off-shore suppliers. Google caught up with this practice and hit businesses hard, including dentists.

At Dental Media we can help you recover from Google penalties and get your website ranking again. If your website has fallen away in Google, please call us on 01332 672548 for a free assessment and recovery advice.

Guideline - monthly prices for dental SEO

Prices from £150  per monthAll websites and competitive environments are unique. Consequently our SEO campaigns are bespoke and tailored to the precise requirements of the target site. We do not provide "bolt-on" packaged SEO as this is much less effective. As a guideline, our monthly SEO services range from £150 per month in lower competition environments to £600+ per month where competition is significant. For more details about the comprehensive scope of our dental SEO, please see our Prices Page.

At Dental Media we are highly experienced in the field of SEO and achieve top rankings even in the most competitive environments. Our digital marketing team are very well respected and regularly publish articles on authoritative internet forums.

A brief explanation of how SEO works:

“On site” search engine optimisation

This is where Dental Media ensures that the website is coded correctly using latest techniques and incorporating relevant key text for your desired search terms. This ensures that the website will be indexed correctly by the search engines.

“Off site” search engine optimisation

This is where the team at Dental Media use techniques to help attract relevant back-links to your site. One of the key factors search engines use to rank a site is to assess its popularity by calculating its profile of back-links. A dentist website with more relevant back-links will typically rank higher than a similar website with fewer back-links. However, new off-site ranking factors are also now in play - Google is using "social signals" to assess relevance and credibility so we also use a comprehensive set of social media tools in our projects.

As your ranking position increases, Google will see your site as becoming an “authority” on its subject. At this stage you have gained a clear advantage over your competitors.

It is important to understand the necessity for ongoing search optimisation in what is a competitive environment. Dental Media aims to partner with dentists to manage ongoing SEO needs and ensure that site relevance and authority increases over time and high ranking positions are maintained.

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