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Landing Pages For Pay-Per-Click Marketing – Yes Or No?

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Are landing pages always the best approach to encourage dental PPC conversions? Let’s start by quickly reviewing what a “landing page” actually is, why they came into being and why there is a huge amount of research associated with their

Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Dentists

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Can you continue to ignore paid advertising? Pay-per-click is here to stay, like it or not. A prominent web footprint has always been a huge component of successful dental marketing campaigns and this is now accepted by most. It used

Pay-to-play digital advertising for dentists is here to stay

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Pay-per-click – why do you need to consider it and what are your options? Three or four years ago, the main channel for gaining new patients from the web was via the organic (free) search results; primarily Google. But whilst

Why a £50 per month pay-per-click budget will likely fail

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Explaining attrition in your lead-funnel and the need for realistic budgets One of the key questions we often hear when dentists enquire about our pay-per-click marketing services is how much to budget for the click costs paid to Google or

Clickfunnels – DIY landing pages for dentists

Using DIY landing pages builders for dental PPC campaigns If you are reasonably experienced with running pay-per-click campaigns for your dental business, perhaps using Google AdWords and/or Facebook advertising, then you are likely aware of the importance of “landing pages”.

When to consider Pay-Per-Click advertising to attract new patient sign ups

Google AdWords in your dental marketing campaign The use of Google AdWords is growing in popularity as part of holistic dental marketing campaigns and to complement organic (free) search ranking. But do you just “do it” or is there a

Dental AdWords – What Does It Cost?

Rule-of-thumb performance figures for dental pay-per-click campaigns. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is becoming increasingly important for dentists who wish to publicise their services via Google search pages and other associated networks. As I’ve covered in more detail elsewhere in this blog,

AdWords Spring Clean

DIY pay-per-click advertiser? Some minimum “must do’s” to clean-up your campaigns. First off, it should be re-iterated that trying to manage your own AdWords account without sufficient training and experience, usually leads to a lot of wasted cash. Typically you

Should I Use AdWords?

Some insights into Google’s pay-per-click advertising for use in dental marketing. The use of AdWords is increasing both in dentistry and across business in general. For those who are unfamiliar with the system there is plenty of information throughout this

Did Google “help” with your dental AdWords account?

Why that might not be your best option…. Those of us who have tried to contact Google in the past, perhaps to query an anomaly on their map service or to correct the details on a local business listing, may