How can a blog achieve prominent search ranking in minutes?

The clear benefits of a dental blog have already been discussed at length. It’s accepted that a blog is essential not just to provide dental practice patients with news updates, offers etc but also to support the main website pages as part of a thorough dental SEO campaign. But just how effective can a blog be to help achieve prominent rankings quickly? The results are quite surprising….


Up to 20% of all web traffic now originates from mobile devices….

Over the last year, search traffic from mobile has increased significantly and the trend is set to continue. So much so that we are now recommending that a mobile optimised website is firmly on the list of “must-haves” for the dental web marketing tool-kit.

Please continue reading for more details about mobile friendly websites for dentists….


Google Places pages replaced by Google+ Local Pages

As of this morning, Google replaced the first 80 million Place pages world-wide with the new Google+ Local Pages. We are not seeing the full set of features in the UK yet but some are starting to sneak through and the wholesale update is imminent. So what does it all mean and why is it important for dental SEO? New features are…. (more…)

In part three of our series covering the key elements for marketing a dental practice we will discuss the use of video as a powerful tool for converting website visitors to targeted enquiries.

Please read on for more detail about how to implement this exceptionally powerful technique. (more…)

The latest Google ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’ updates hit dental website ranking

During the last few weeks, Google has made further changes to the algorithm it uses to determine where websites rank within its search index. In particular, Google has made significant changes aimed at demoting over-optimised sites. The effect of this has been quite dramatic across the dental sector with numerous sites being hit and sinking away in the rankings.

What did Google change and why?


In the second part of the dental marketing tool-kit we will look a little more closely at two key components; the dental blog and use of social media.

Now let’s take a look in a little more detail:


Part 1 – The Dental Website

Welcome to part 1 in my series covering the essential components of the modern dental marketing tool-kit. Here we will look at the hub for all of the dental marketing activity, the dental website:


Official Google Study – PPC (Adwords) vs Natural Rank

One of the big questions we are frequently asked is “do I need pay-per-click ads to supplement my dental SEO campaign?”. Up until now, there was little definitive data to quantify the benefit of this. We can see from our own monitoring that paid ads certainly help, even when you have a great natural search position – however we now have Google verified data to help support and quantify this. The results are quite eye-opening….

Effect of PPC on dental website clicks

Incremental clicks from PPC


Essential Elements For Effective Online Dental Marketing

A quick preview of our new dental marketing series that will launch on our blog in April. We will publish an informative article about each of the recommended elements needed for a great dental marketing strategy to help you promote your brand online. Each article will be accompanied by a summary video and free check-list for you to download to help you make an informed choice about your marketing partner.

The series will cover the following key elements in the marketing tool-kit and will discuss what works, what doesn’t, what you should expect from your provider, ROI and typical investment.

  • the dental website – your marketing hub
  • blogging and social media – building your brand on-line
  • dental video – the power of video referral
  • the mobile website – capture increasing traffic from hand-held devices
  • SEO and pay-per-click – why you need to be prominent in Google and how to do it
  • measuring the results – Google Analytics, phone call tracking and targeting

We will publish the full schedule in the coming weeks so please check back for updates.

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Is your website GDC compliant? Call us for your free check!

A quick reminder regarding the GDC guidelines for dental websites. Compliance date was 1st March so please contact us if you have not already updated. In summary, all dental websites must include:

  • Details of the practice’s complaints procedure and who to contact if the patient is not satisfied with the response
  • The date the website was last updated
  • Staff GDC numbers where relevant
  • A link to the GDC website
  • Details of staff professional qualifications and the country from which the qualification is derived

We have full details of the requirements and will be happy to check if your website is compliant free of charge. Please contact us on 01332 672548 or use the contact form for free advice and help with making sure you are compliant.