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Choosing between a bespoke, modular design or pre-configured package for your dental website

optimising website design

Why “all in one” web design packages may not be your best bet The current landscape in dental web design appears to be one of providing pre-configured packages for dentists who are time-poor and just need their designer to pull

Google Analytics Key Metrics – Bounce Rate

Check your website bounce rate regularly – here’s why…. Google Analytics has a huge amount of information but perhaps one of the most important elements for understanding how your dental practice website is performing is called ‘Bounce Rate’. In today’s

Web page loading time – why it really matters

Google algorithm update announced for July 2018 – does your dental website meet requirements? The speed at which your website loads has always been important, but with the improvement in broadband speeds and the introduction of 4G mobile data, many

Call To Action On Your Dental Website

What is it and why is it critical for your marketing materials? One of the phrases we tend to take for granted in the world of dental marketing is “call to action” – but what does it really mean and

Bad website?

Don’t start SEO until you’ve addressed the basics Today’s blog is prompted by a recent conversation with a dentist who was looking for an SEO provider to boost his search rankings. On the face of it, this was an excellent

Updating Your WordPress Dental Website

Maintenance-intensive WordPress and the need for ‘TLC’ Perhaps one of the most frustrating things we encounter on the web is where a WordPress dental website has been neglected and eventually breaks. Not only is this unprofessional for the business concerned,

Personalising Your Website

Why you need to avoid bland, generic design There is a good deal of nonsense spoken in the world of dental websites and marketing and trends come and go quite quickly when they are shown to add little value to

New Dental Website? Avoid These Sales Tricks

Be sure what you are purchasing when it comes to your new practice website Earlier this week I came across a couple of questionable selling techniques in use by well-known dental website marketing companies. In the interests of those dentists

Website Topic Modelling

Help Google to understand your website and boost your rankings The architecture of a dental website is particularly important, not just to ensure that your users can easily find the information they need, but also to help Google understand what

Website strategy for multi-location dental practices

Do you deploy a single website or one per location – and why? Where a dentist has several practices in different locations, does it make sense to incorporate all of them on a single website or deploy a unique site