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No padlock showing in your “secure” website page?

How to track down non-secure design assets which are compromising your dental website So your web designer updated your website to https encryption, possibly at a very handsome fee, but you’re still seeing an insecure message and no green padlock

Why you need to control your Google web assets and tools

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Google My Business, Analytics, Ads, Search Console – here’s why you need to control those accounts Google provides lots of useful free tools to help business owners monitor, maintain and promote their websites. The main ones are explained below and

Dental Marketing Expert – Says Who?

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Avoiding the self-proclaimed SEO ninjas and marketing experts. Perhaps it’s the ill-conceived thought of “rich dentists” that continues to lure new companies into the dental marketing space? Certainly the influx of new start-ups in the sector continues apace and all

SEO, SEM, SMM – what do these marketing terms mean for dentists?

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Navigating the minefield of dental marketing acronyms and abbreviations Those who are new to the field of digital marketing may well be confused regarding the plethora of terms and abbreviations which are used to represent the different tools and techniques

Microsites – don’t do it!

Falling dental traffic and profit

If you’ve been approached to have a dental microsite built – think twice! Here’s why…. Microsites, i.e. small websites focused on a single topic, used to be a prominent technique used by SEO companies to gain advantage in the search

Do reviews affect your organic Google rankings?

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The evidence suggests yes! Another frequently asked question from dentists to the team here at the Dental Media office is “do reviews on Google affect where my website appears in the search results?” Before we go into detail, let’s break

Experience counts when it comes to choosing your marketing partner!

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Dental marketing agencies come and go – don’t get left in the lurch You may have seen the large increase in the number of marketing agencies trying to get into the dental space over the last two or three years.

What next when the negative reviews arrive?

Handle bad dental review

Proactive management of dental reviews for reputation preservation Lots of dentists and/or their practice managers know the huge benefits of a comprehensive social media presence and use it very effectively. It is extremely useful for demonstrating “social proof”, for broadening

Optimising Your Dental Marketing Plan For 2019

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4 key drivers for success With 2019 upon us and new opportunities ahead, it’s timely to take a quick look at some of the priority actions required to ensure your dental marketing campaign is working optimally. Google in particular, made

Employee Advocacy

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Don’t miss out on this huge marketing asset You may be fueling business growth through the well-known and effective channels of digital marketing, for example SEO and pay-per-click, but are you missing out on another critical asset which is right