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Domain names and web hosting for dentists

Understand the difference for your dental website project In another of our “understanding the basics” blogs, today we take a quick look at website domains and hosting. For lots of people this is already clear, but for those relatively new

Get New Dental Patients Using Facebook and MailChimp

A simple scheme to build new patient sign-ups for dentists There are numerous techniques dentists can use to encourage new patients sign-ups by harnessing the power of the Internet. There is the “long game” whereby you build a great website

Online marketing mistakes you may be making every day

Audit your dental marketing campaign to eliminate these common errors. So you have a digital marketing campaign up-and-running for your dental practice? Perhaps most of it is ‘DIY’ on the back of advice you may have gleaned from the Internet,

GDPR – avoid these mistakes!

Top mistakes we’ve encountered during the dental GDPR update frenzy This blog will be published on or around deadline day for GDPR – 25th May, and so you could say it’s a little late with its advice. However, given that

Preparing For Digital Dental Marketing

Preparation at the practice before starting out with SEO, pay-per-click or social media marketing. Dentists often ask us to undertake “fully outsourced” marketing for them because they have “no resources” at the practice to participate. Whilst we can cover most

Internal and External Dental Marketing

Why you need a focus for both…. I recently read a blog post from a dental coach where he noted that a few of his clients had significantly wound back their spend on external marketing in favour of prioritising their

Do you know what margin your Ad agency is taking from your monthly advertising spend?

Seeking transparency with contracts and reporting We are currently working with a client who uses our services for organic SEO i.e. seeking prominence in the free listings in Google search results. The dentist also has an historical relationship with another

GDPR and Securing Your Dental Practice Website

What is website encryption and why you need it Without going into deep technical discussion, website encryption is simply a mechanism whereby any communication from the device on which you are viewing a website and the server where the website

Organic SEO, Adwords PPC or Facebook For Dentists?

Where first with your digital marketing budget? The question of where to use your digital marketing budget is usually a hot topic when dentists call our team for advice. Should they go with search engine optimisation, AdWords (pay-per-click) or jump

4 Do’s and 4 Don’ts For Your Website Marketing in 2018

Best and worst web marketing practices summarised A new year arrives and with it a good opportunity to review your dental practice website and the tools and techniques you can use to help boost its Google ranking positions. Even with