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What next when the negative reviews arrive?

Handle bad dental review

Proactive management of dental reviews for reputation preservation Lots of dentists and/or their practice managers know the huge benefits of a comprehensive social media presence and use it very effectively. It is extremely useful for demonstrating “social proof”, for broadening

Optimising Your Dental Marketing Plan For 2019

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4 key drivers for success With 2019 upon us and new opportunities ahead, it’s timely to take a quick look at some of the priority actions required to ensure your dental marketing campaign is working optimally. Google in particular, made

Employee Advocacy

training session for dental staff

Don’t miss out on this huge marketing asset You may be fueling business growth through the well-known and effective channels of digital marketing, for example SEO and pay-per-click, but are you missing out on another critical asset which is right

When your website gets hacked

WordPress hack risk

What steps do you need to take to get back on track quickly? If you look through search engine results you won’t need to go too far before finding dental websites which have been hacked. Google in particular, is now

Targeting Your Google Ads For Enhanced Performance

Google Ads

Reduce click-budget and improve conversions in your dental Google Ads campaigns Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is becoming increasingly popular (and necessary) as part of comprehensive dental marketing campaigns. As we’ve discussed earlier, Google is dedicating more space in search results

Don’t lose out on new patient enquiries at the front-desk

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The crucial role of the reception team in your dental marketing campaigns. The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to secure new business; so for dentists the bottom line is acquiring new patients who want the type of treatments

Why An Encrypted Dental Website Is Now Essential

Encryption for your website

Don’t allow your website to show an insecure warning – get an SSL certificate now! Back in February this year we wrote to over 300 of our dental clients to remind them of the impending GDPR regulations and what needed

How Much Should You Spend On Dental Marketing?

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Guideline figures to help with your practice budgeting Budgeting for dental practice marketing is a hot topic and one where business principals often struggle to know where to start. Unfortunately there is no easy formula to calculate this as each

Domain names and web hosting for dentists

Understand the difference for your dental website project In another of our “understanding the basics” blogs, today we take a quick look at website domains and hosting. For lots of people this is already clear, but for those relatively new

Get New Dental Patients Using Facebook and MailChimp

A simple scheme to build new patient sign-ups for dentists There are numerous techniques dentists can use to encourage new patients sign-ups by harnessing the power of the Internet. There is the “long game” whereby you build a great website