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The Benefits Of Wide Keyword Coverage For SEO

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Why you need more than just a couple of keywords on page one of Google There is too much hang up about keywords when it comes to dental SEO these days, particularly when considering how far Google has moved on

Dentists – are you ready for voice search?

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Is your website voice search friendly? The number of users searching for products and services by voice continues to grow at pace, so-much-so that Google recently suggested that over 50% of searches will be via voice by 2020. This is

SEO BS – here’s how to avoid stepping in it!

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The dental SEO business can be a minefield for the unsuspecting – watch out for the weasel words! Just for the avoidance of doubt, this post is not suggesting that SEO is a bad thing. On the contrary, SEO, done

Is your marketing company *really* doing the SEO you think they are?

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A cautionary tale and why you need to check what you’re paying for! As you’ll see if you read further into our blog, we periodically highlight some of the questionable tactics used by some dental marketers and the disproportionate fees

Starting SEO for your dental practice website?

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Know these 9 things before you begin! Prominent, sustainable search engine rankings are a key foundation for any dental business keen to gain new patients from the web. With web enquiries being second only to word-of-mouth referrals, it’s important to

3 reasons not to quit your organic SEO campaign….

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….and one good reason why you should! Here at Dental Media we look after websites and digital marketing campaigns for hundreds of dentists based in the UK. A large component of the monthly work we undertake on their behalf involves

Is your minimalist blogging an SEO risk?

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Short-form 200 word blog articles will likely be penalised by Google Regularly adding high quality content to your website via a blog is widely recognised as a great way to help users understand and interact with your business, as well

Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines For Websites

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If you’re interested in SEO for your dental website, follow Google’s advice! In this blog you may have seen a number of references to search engine optimisation, including Google’s web ranking algorithms and how to improve the position of your

Google Giving SEO Advantages To Faster Websites

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Google’s algorithm speed update and what you need to do In its ongoing quest to optimise the web, Google is becoming increasingly focused on website speed and how quickly pages display when a viewer opens them in their browser. Much

New SEO reporting from Dental Media

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Even more transparency for your digital marketing campaigns As I’ve mentioned previously in this blog, it never ceases to amaze when new dental SEO clients tell me that their old digital marketing supplier never provided reports to validate the success