Even with a #1 rank paid ads give > 50% incremental clicks

Official Google Study – PPC (Adwords) vs Natural Rank

One of the big questions we are frequently asked is “do I need pay-per-click ads to supplement my dental SEO campaign?”. Up until now, there was little definitive data to quantify the benefit of this. We can see from our own monitoring that paid ads certainly help, even when you have a great natural search position – however we now have Google verified data to help support and quantify this. The results are quite eye-opening….

Effect of PPC on dental website clicks

Incremental clicks from PPC

The study worked like this. Websites who used PPC to support their natural listings selectively turned off their PPC campaigns and the effect on clicks was recorded. This was done for a wide range of websites and topic areas and we believe that the results are valid.

Conclusion – PPC gives great incremental clicks!

Websites which held the coveted number 1 natural ranking found that > 50% of clicks they received on their paid ads were not replaced by clicks on their natural listing. For websites in positions 2-4, 82% were lost and for sites lower than position 5, 96% of clicks were not replaced.

So whether we like it or not, its very clear that a carefully constructed PPC (Adwords) campaign can significantly increase your Google exposure. Without the ads, traffic will typically not be replaced by your organic listing – even if you’re on pole!


The benefit of being prominent in Google is obvious. However it is now clearer than ever that great organic dental SEO supported by a well-crafted pay-per-click campaign is the way to true Google dominance. Please call the Dental Media team on 01332 672548 for friendly advice about organic SEO and PPC for dental websites.