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When you view a typical Google search, in the main body of the page you will see the “organic” or natural search ranking of websites. Topping this in the first couple of positions and also on the right-hand side of the page you will see the paid listings – advertisements that have been purchased on Google.

The name of this paid-for listing is Google Ads or more generically “pay-per-click” (PPC).

Google PPC works as follows:

  • you select where your advert appears – you can select that it appears on the main Google listings, on other peoples websites (the “advertiser” network) or a combination of both. You can also select a preferred geographical region to ensure that your adverts display to you target audience
  • you select the key words and phrases that trigger the adverts
  • you configure the structure of the advert, title and two lines of text
  • you set which pages the advert links to when clicked
  • you set your budget and hence the position where the advert appears. The higher your click bid, the higher your ranking position

Typically you will set a daily budget and a cost-per-click. Your adverts then appear until your daily budget is used. The dentist who has the highest daily budget and cost per click will rank highest and have their advert displayed longest. Remember that you only pay each time the advert is clicked.

Google Ads (PPC) (formerly "AdWords") is beneficial in that a dentist can achieve immediate ranking for chosen keywords and phrases. However, it is very easy to spend a lot of money unless your Ads campaign is set-up and optimised correctly. We can help!

Case Study:

Dental Media recently took over management of a Google Ads campaign for a Harley Street Consultant who was paying in excess of £100 per day for his service. By re-configuring the advert structure and re-targeting the keyword and key phrase structure, Dental Media reduced the daily spend by 40% whilst increasing the click-through rate by 35%. A massive net saving for the client.

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