Dental Marketing Tool-kit – New Series Coming Soon.

Essential Elements For Effective Online Dental Marketing

A quick preview of our new dental marketing series that will launch on our blog in April. We will publish an informative article about each of the recommended elements needed for a great dental marketing strategy to help you promote your brand online. Each article will be accompanied by a summary video and free check-list for you to download to help you make an informed choice about your marketing partner.

The series will cover the following key elements in the marketing tool-kit and will discuss what works, what doesn’t, what you should expect from your provider, ROI and typical investment.

  • the dental website – your marketing hub
  • blogging and social media – building your brand on-line
  • dental video – the power of video referral
  • the mobile website – capture increasing traffic from hand-held devices
  • SEO and pay-per-click – why you need to be prominent in Google and how to do it
  • measuring the results – Google Analytics, phone call tracking and targeting

We will publish the full schedule in the coming weeks so please check back for updates.

Thanks for reading.