Why do some dental design companies skimp on SEO?

Poor on-site SEO penalises new dental websites

Good quality SEO is critical to ensure prominence in Google – nothing new there. So why do some dental design companies skimp on the on-site SEO needed to give a new website the best chance in Google? There are many examples of this and we can only wonder why it might be happening?

On site SEO for dental websites

On site SEO covers numerous factors that, if done correctly will significantly increase the chances for a dental website to rank well in Google. Done poorly, the website will have little or no chance. I will not elaborate here but please go to our Facebook page below and “Like” us to download a free, detailed check-list about SEO for dental websites:

Free Guide to Dental Website SEO – Download Here

Why is this critical factor being neglected for many new dental websites?

We would like to think that this is maybe down to rushed worked or a failure to understand the proper techniques for SEO for dental websites. However, recent new clients have expressed concerns that their previous dental design company may have deliberately skimped on the site optimisation to encourage them to buy additional services – hopefully no-one would actually do that but its worth being aware just in case.

Your check list – don’t be duped

We recommend that you down-load our useful guide to SEO at the link shown above. Then make sure your designer can explain exactly how they have optimised your new website to give it the initial boost you need. Rushed page titles and the odd keyword added randomly to pages just doesn’t cut it.

You can also contact us on 01332 672548 for free advice and to review your website. At Dental Media we have many years of experience in SEO for dentists and gaining dominant Google ranking for our clients.