“The web has moved beyond the desk-top and won’t look back….”

Mobile Dental Websites

With between 5 and 10% of all traffic now coming from hand-held devices, now is the time to consider adding a mobile website to your marketing portfolio. This will become even more important in the coming months as traffic from mobile devices increases. Whilst the data shows us that it is still primarily the younger demographic that is using mobile to access the web, this is predicted to shift considerably over the next 6 – 9 months as more and more people begin to realise the full potential of their mobile devices.

To help you prepare and place you firmly on the mobile map, Dental Media have developed a great new mobile package which is fully featured and very affordable:

  • optimised for mobile search
  • fast loading
  • prominent calls-to-action
  • branded to be in keeping in with your main website
  • compatible with all major mobile platforms
  • “tap-to-call”, “tap-to-mail” and Google map integration
  • Full CMS – add and edit new content

Our current recommendation for an effective web marketing tool-kit in priority order is:

  1. An SEO optimised main website with associated Google Places page
  2. A dental blog with regular updates, linked to active social media accounts
  3. Email newsletter system
  4. Mobile website

So if you already have components 1, 2 and 3 in place, now is the time to consider a mobile dental website in readiness for the upsurge in hand-held traffic.

Please see our dental mobile website page for more details or call our team on 01332 672548 for more information and we’ll be pleased to assist.