Google Adwords – Paying Too Much?

Optimise Your Dental Adwords Campaign For Big Savings

Many dentists continue to waste money by failing to optimise their web marketing strategies. The two biggest culprits are a) payment for over-promised and under-delivered monthly support packages and b) poorly optimised and managed Adwords campaigns.

The latter element, Adwords, is a system whereby a dentist can secure high Google rankings using something called “pay-per-click” (PPC). Basically you pay Google to show your advert on page one and the more you pay (or bid) per click, the higher you advert appears. This mechanism can be useful in very competitive environments, for new websites or to advertise periodic special offers. Ideally you should consider investing in a solid organic (non-paid) SEO programme to reduce the reliance on PPC but Adwords does have a place and can be very useful if managed correctly.

However, way too many Adwords campaigns are not set-up correctly and then not managed ongoing. The potential to waste money is huge. To put this in perspective, dentists will typically be spending anything between £200 and £2000 per month on their Adwords campaigns depending on their location and competition. Experience shows that a properly managed dental Google Adwords campaign will cost 50% – 60% less than a poorly managed campaign. The savings potential is clear and significant.

At Dental Media we regularly step in to optimise dental Adwords campaigns that have been set up incorrectly either by the dentist or by a dental marketing agency. So what mistakes are being made?

Typical Errors in Dental Adwords Campaigns

  • lack of “granularity” – this means that the campaign is way too broad and simply uses general keywords bundled into a single campaign and single ad group
  • poor advert quality – i.e. too general and not targeted
  • low keyword quality scores – several factors contribute to this but one of the main ones is failure to configure adverts that link to relevant landing pages on the website
  • poor keyword selection
  • failure to use correct keyword matching parameters – this is a massive waste of budget
  • inappropriate campaign settings. Typically we see default settings used e.g. do you really want to waste money by advertising on the Google display network?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Setting up an effective Adwords campaign and managing it ongoing is a time consuming task and not really for the inexperienced.

I Use Adwords, What Can I Do?

If you rely on Adwords and are unsure if it is being managed correctly, you have a couple of options. If time allows, there are a number of good tutorials on the internet which will give you a basic understanding of Adwords; at least sufficient to let you see if your campaign is being run effectively. Alternatively, you can contact an experienced Adwords practitioner who will assist you.

For a limited time, Dental Media are offering a free Adwords review complete with recommendations. If you would like to take advantage of this offer or just need some free and friendly advice, please call us on 01332 672548 or use our contact form. We will be pleased to assist.