New Telephone Tracking Analytics Now Available!

Phone Call Analytics for Dentists

Have you ever wondered what proportion of your patient enquiries come from telephone calls versus clicks through to your website contact form? Or which of your keywords prompted the user to pick up the phone? Or perhaps how effective your latest patient leaflet campaign has been? Well we can now offer a highly effective solution that allows you to track telephone calls as well as clicks on your website. The data is clearly presented in a user-friendly control panel that is fully integrated with Google Analytics. So how does it work…..?

The Call Tracking System

Our system uses state-of-the art dynamic number replacement to present a unique telephone number to all users of your website. This allows us to track exactly when the call was made and how it originated. The process is seamless – the calls are routed through our systems and forwarded to your existing phone system. So you don’t need to make any changes. You can also generate unique telephone numbers for use with your promotional stationery so its easy to track what worked and what didn’t.

User-Friendly Control Panel

Subscribers to the system get their own easy-to-use control panel which is fully integrated with Google Analytics. Data is presented very clearly and we can even supply recordings of the original phone calls; great for audit purposes and staff training.

Track Every Marketing Keyword That Makes Your Phone Ring!

It is important to understand exactly which of your marketing efforts are yielding results so that you can target and optimise. Similar studies in other industries show that this type of technology can yield significant marketing savings that easily outweigh the set-up costs. Now it is much easier to justify ad spend and identify ineffective advertising.

Next Steps

Our formal launch of the new system will happen early in January 2012 but if you would like to express an interest now, please contact us for more information and a walk-through of a demo account with one of our friendly team.

This is an exceptional step forward in user tracking and ad optimisation and we are determined to make it as cost-effective and accessible as possible. Please check our website regularly for the formal launch announcement or subscribe to our dental marketing newsletter for updates. Alternatively, please contact us now on 01332 672548 for a closer look.