Paying too much for your website maintenance?

Why dentists are switching to Dental Media

budget for marketingWith the ever increasing cost of doing business in the dental sector, dentists are examining their budgets more closely than ever before. Whether this is the proportion paid to associates, or the fee for maintaining the air compressors, everything is justifiably coming under scrutiny.

One such area of cost control is website maintenance and the many hundreds if not thousands of pounds that some dentists spend on this every year. The realisation is dawning that, for many dental practices, lots of money is spent every month on website maintenance services even when there is little or no work to show for it. Dentists are lured into these “mandatory” fees by what appears to be a useful range of services on offer, including SEO, security updates and more. However, closer inspection shows that the SEO component of the fee is often negligible or non-existent and that the security updates can be done 3 or 4 times a year very cheaply indeed.

So what the dental web design company is actually doing, is charging you a huge monthly premium for not much at all; a bit like a dental plan where the patient rarely attends. They can get away with this because, understandably, a dentist or practice manager might have heard that SEO is sensible and that website security updates are essential, but beyond that they really don’t know the scope of the activities being offered.

However, what we are seeing now is that web savvy clients with an eye on budget are realising that there is a better alternative for dentists which not only saves hundreds of pounds per year, but also delivers excellent service too.

What your monthly ‘SEO’ maintenance package doesn’t deliver

Although many dentists are paying around £200 + vat per month for what they think includes search engine optimisation, in reality it’s nothing of the sort. SEO which makes a difference needs diligent on-site and off-site work, including blogging, content generation, link-building, citation building, social media broadcasting and more. However, if you take a look at what the package you are paying for actually offers, you will see that most or all of this is missing. You only get the “real deal” if you pay upwards of £500 per month and then with activities like blogging and social media costing even more again.

The bottom line is, don’t be duped into thinking you are getting capable SEO included in your expensive maintenance package when you simply aren’t!

The alternative

Understanding that dental design companies will try to hook you in to big monthly fees with the promise of lots of features is important. Even more important is to understand that unless you are paying a lot of money for their top packages, you aren’t actually getting much at all! In fact not much more than a very expensive, albeit minimalist, maintenance package which, more often than not, you won’t use.

But there is another way which lots of clients of Dental Media enjoy and which saves them a lot of cash in the process. This is essentially a “pay as you go” service, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s cheap and nasty. We only charge you sensible fees when you need work done to your website; for example a complete new page is £65 + vat and smaller changes can be done for just a few tens of pounds. Given that most dentists might only update their website four or five times per year, you can easily calculate the savings versus those hugely expensive maintenance packages which you pay for each and every month.

In terms of service, our turn-around time for changes is typically just a few days – so much faster than the businesses which quote 5 days or more. We also notify you proactively if you need security updates or any other important modifications e.g. if the GDC mandates new information when their standards are updated.

For the SEO element, we don’t obfuscate and try to pretend that we’re including services which don’t actually exist. Our SEO is bespoke for each client with the scope and cost dependent on the work which is required.


More and more dentists are realising that their website maintenance fees are excessive and that the service they thought they subscribed to is not delivering. If this sounds like your situation, please call us on 01332 672548 and we’ll advise how you can join the hundreds of dentists we currently serve. We began work in the sector back in 1999 and we are proud of our reputation for transparent and cost effective services; but if you’d like to see references, please let us know. Call us now to start enjoying substantial savings and personal service.