Telephone Call Analytics For Dental Marketing

Plugging the data ‘black-hole’ when assessing marketing ROI

telephone call analyticsWe all know how useful tools like Google Analytics are when it comes to assessing the performance of your website and evaluating the quality of traffic from various sources, whether organic (free), paid or from social media.

However, whilst we can set up these data collection tools very carefully and diligently analyse the data they report, there is still a large black-hole in our insights and knowledge.

This is because the free analytics tools do not allow us to measure the number of telephone enquiry calls that result from search related activity i.e. when the potential new patient searches on Google, or finds you on social media and calls in, rather than completing the contact form on your website.

This is particularly important because we know that typically around 3 times as many new enquiries to dental practices are made via the ‘phone rather than via website contact forms.

However, there is an option to plug this black-hole in our data and which allows us to provide 360 degree reporting on all new leads generated from websites and other channels. This is the use of telephone analytics to complement the regular systems.

What is “telephone analytics” and how does it work?

Telephone or call analytics is a very clever system which integrates seamlessly with your website and existing ‘phone system to provide comprehensive data on enquires which come in via telephone. The system will also integrate with Google Analytics and tell you what search term patients used to find your business and which page of your website they were on when they made the call. It’s extremely powerful!

The system works by presenting a unique telephone number to each user so you can effectively “tag and trace” their journey through your website. You do not need to change your existing business ‘phone number as the call analytics system simply interfaces with this is the background. Also, you do not have to worry about users being put off by the format of the new number they are presented with on your website – the area code can be made to match the one they would normally expect. Should they call you on your standard number, this will continue to work. The technical jargon for all of this is “dynamic number replacement” and here at Dental Media we can get you set up in no time at all.

What does it cost?

Unlike Google Analytics, this is a “paid” system i.e. a monthly subscription fee and a “per call” cost when in use. To give an idea, our practices using this system, currently pay anything between £65 and £300 per month depending on size and volume of calls. At the top end, this is for very large, multi-surgery businesses. A busy medium sized practice might expect to pay in the region of £100 per month.

So whilst there is an additional cost to bear, the huge insights the system provides really do allow you to see what is working in your overall marketing campaign, rather than guessing what might be being generated via enquiries coming in via the telephone. The investment can easily pay for itself and is becoming essential for those dentists who are running large budget, diverse marketing campaigns.

Additional benefits

The system can also be used to generate unique telephone number for use with non web based marketing e.g. flyers, posters and even radio advertising. Additionally, the system can be set to record the incoming calls so you can go back and identify those which are most likely to convert into tangible business. The call handling can also be reviewed by practice management as part of training and auditing.

How do I get this system?

If you’d like to know more about how call analytics can be used to plug the black-hole in your marketing data, please get in touch with Dental Media on 01332 672548. We’ll be pleased to explain more and how to get moving.