Dental Marketing – Entry Costs

Cost Effective Dental Marketing

What are the components of a good dental web marketing package and what does it cost? It is important to understand this both in terms of what you can expect it to deliver (new patients and ROI) but also for cost budgeting. The main purpose of this article is to provide an accurate reference for dentists who are researching their marketing options but also to provide a much more realistic cost comparison to some of the over exaggerated costs that I’ve seen published recently…..

Components and Indicative Costs:

  • dental website – a 6-7 page “starter” site including hosting, social media links, gallery, Google Map, treatment pages and contact form  – circa £1000. This should include all the features required in a modern website as detailed here.
    Do not be tempted to pay for up-sold and expensive packages that add zero value.
    A larger website of say 15 pages should cost in the region of £2000 inclusive of treatment animations.
    Check to make sure that you own all elements of the website on completion (some designers only licence their treatment animations) and that the company you choose is not outsourcing the work to a cheap off-shore supplier. Insist on direct communication with the designer.
  • dental blog – this is a great way to add new content to a website (Google loves new content) and to post regular new updates to patient. So a customised blog, branded to be in keeping with the website is great for SEO and client communication – cost £300
  • Google “Places” page – essential for local search. You can set this up yourself but push to have it included free of charge in the website design cost. If set up independently to this, don’t pay more than £70
  • Dental Video – this is recommended if budget allows and is a powerful “hook” for new clients. A professional overview of the practice, interview with the principal and four client testimonials all in HD with voice-over and music – £995. This is an area where we see costs of £5k quoted – this is excessive
  • Email marketing system – there are great free systems on the web which provide a fully featured and cost effective platform. Ask for a bespoke template which you can re-use and to have the sign-up form integrated into your website – expect to pay no more than £250 for this
  • Good quality photographs – great photography really does enhance a website so we recommend using the services of a professional photographer. Expect to pay no more than £350 -> £550 depending on the package chosen
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) – a great website is only useful if your prospective clients can find it. The importance of a prominent Google position is covered here. SEO costs depend on the competitive environment – expect to pay anything from £100 -> £1000 per month depending on your local competition.

The above represents the basic components you should consider to for an effective web marketing platform. In terms of ROI, this should be your priority as it delivers a much broader reach than traditional mechanisms like leaflets and brochures. However, the latter should not be discounted and I will post again soon with indicative costs for these elements.

If you would like more detail about any of the above or help with setting up an effective web marketing platform, then we will be very pleased to assist you. Please contact us for more information and free advice.

Dave Jones