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Encrypted email services for dentists

Is email ever 100% safe for transferring sensitive information? There is a great deal of confusion regarding encrypted email and what this actually means, particularly if you are considering using email to contact dental patients or perhaps transferring information to

Mobile-optimised dental newsletters

Is your e-newsletter system working correctly for viewing on mobile? The need for mobile-optimised or “responsive” websites is well-understood and now widely adopted by the majority of dental practices who are serious about their web presence. For those who are

Email management for your dental practice

Which email systems should you consider – pros and cons. Email management is quite a thorny issue for dentists and dental practice managers to get to grips with. Legislative and regulatory bodies are quick to tell you that information must

New high-capacity, low-cost email service announced

Huge email storage in an ISO 27001 approved data centre now available. Dental Media are pleased to announce a new, high-capacity email service for dentists who prefer to use web-based services rather than download and store email locally. This is

Business Co-promotion

A nifty technique to broaden your email marketing reach I always view a client/supplier relationship as one which promotes mutual success. Simply put, when our clients do well as as a result of the working together with us, then we

Configuring your email service

Email set-up options for dental practices A surprising number of dentists still rely on free web-mail services for business use, e.g. Hotmail, GMail and even AOL. Whilst some of these services, I’m thinking GMail specifically, are robust and easily accessible,

Effective email campaigns – making the right impression

Is your dental email campaign hitting the spot and delivering results? 9 tips for success Perhaps one of the more surprising issues which we encounter when embarking on new marketing campaigns for dentists, is their reluctance to build an effective

Are your dental practice e-newletters mobile optimised?

Dramatically improve e-newsletter conversion rates with responsive design. The advantages of responsively designed websites for optimised display on all types of platforms are clear, but have you also considered how well your html newsletters perform on the same range of

Email marketing

The ‘MailChimp’ system for dental practices I’m busy configuring email marketing systems for some of our dental clients so I thought I’d take 30 minutes out to tell you about the system we use i.e. MailChimp. However, before I delve

Don’t neglect email marketing….

Use your email list wisely to support your dental marketing campaigns One of the most useful but frequently neglected components of the dentist’s marketing tool-kit is the promotional email campaign. This is a great way to reach your existing client