Are your dental practice e-newletters mobile optimised?

Dramatically improve e-newsletter conversion rates with responsive design.

The advantages of responsively designed websites for optimised display on all types of platforms are clear, but have you also considered how well your html newsletters perform on the same range of platforms?

With dental e-newsletters typically delivering excellent conversion rates (current stats. suggest four fold better than social media campaigns) every dental practice can realise quick wins by implementing professional email campaigns as a key component of their practice marketing initiatives.

Setting up an e-newsletter system is actually quite straightforward but there is one key element that is frequently neglected. Well over 40% of all e-newsletters are opened on mobile devices and yet the vast majority of them are not mobile optimised. Just like with websites which are not mobile optimised, users who are viewing your mail-shot and struggle to read the contents will likely just close it and move on. So what should you do to address this problem?

Currently most e-newsletters are not mobile friendly and their potential impact is lost for a huge number of recipients. Not only have you wasted your time with these guys but also potentially appeared unprofessional by delivering a poor user experience.

Consequently your e-shot needs to display correctly on the full range of platforms, desk-top, tablet and mobile – in fact just like your website should.

Responsive html newsletters

A html email is quite like a mini website in that it uses similar coding techniques to create a structure and display images. However, certain email programs, ‘Outlook’ particularly, are quite quirky and will break your email unless it has been carefully crafted and tested. The quirkiness of email programs is compounded by the fact that html emails now need to be mobile and tablet optimised; so quite a challenge to make sure that your email displays correctly in lots of different programs and across a wide range of devices.

At Dental Media we have invested a lot of time into developing and testing emails which not only work well for all of the main mail programs but also for viewing on desk-top, tablet or mobile ‘phone. This means that you can be confident that your content will be well-received irrespective of the program and device which the recipient is using to view it. The “lost 40%” of readers who you are likely frustrating with your current mail shots could now be targeted effectively and professionally.

How do I know if my current email newsletters are responsive or not?

Chances are they aren’t but it’s quite easy to test. Simply check one of your practice e-shots on your mobile ‘phone – does the email immediately adjust to fit the screen and show with fully legible text, or do you have stretch and adjust the image to read it? If the latter, then you are using an old-fashioned email layout i.e. not optimised. If this is the case, you should look to address it before your next news shot. Users are notoriously fickle and consequently you need to make the whole experience as easy as possible for them.


Optimising your email newsletters for display on all types of devices is very important.

With over 40% of emails being opened on mobile devices, you need to be sure that you are delivering content which is easy to read or risk frustrating the user.

If you would like to ensure that your dental practice e-newsletters are correctly optimised for use with the full range of modern devices, please call the Dental Media marketing team on 01332 672548 who will be pleased to review your current system and offer no-obligation advice.