Mobile-optimised dental newsletters

Is your e-newsletter system working correctly for viewing on mobile?

optimising website designThe need for mobile-optimised or “responsive” websites is well-understood and now widely adopted by the majority of dental practices who are serious about their web presence. For those who are still lagging behind, the disadvantages of providing poor user experience and lower Google ranking are very real.

However, far less has been said about other web systems which also need to be re-configured to embrace the mobile revolution. In particular, e-newsletters which are used by many practices to broadcast regular e-news updates to their patients.

Dental e-newsletters

Elsewhere in this blog we’ve discussed the many benefits of establishing an email list of patient (and prospective patient) contacts and using this to send out news updates and offers on a reasonably regular basis. Done well, this is a great way to keep your business in the forefront of patients minds, particularly in an environment where they are already likely being bombarded with promotional material from your nearby competitors. There are a number of good systems available; some like the excellent MailChimp are free, which enable you to compile a newsletter via a web-based system and easily send it out to to your full email list or targeted segments of the list if preferred.

Why mobile-optimised?

This may seem obvious, particularly as most emails are now opened by people on their mobile ‘phones rather than desk-tops systems. However, perhaps surprisingly, lots of dentists are still relying on old e-newsletter templates which are of fixed dimension and do not adjust to the screen of mobile ‘phones or tablets. This results in a frustrating user experience where the recipient tries to scroll and stretch what you sent in order to see the content. However, most users are fickle and many simply give up and press delete if what you sent looks like a postage stamp or part of a huge billboard when they open it up. Know the feeling?

Switching to mobile-optimised e-newsletters

This is actually easier than you might imagine and very worthwhile. All of the popular e-news system use re-usable templates and it is this element which needs to be re-designed. Once it is, you should test in various email programs and on different devices to see all performs as expected. When you are happy with the results, you can proceed with your usual mailing schedule, but much more confident in the knowledge that your users can read what you actually sent them without cursing you! You will also be pleasantly surprised by how much more effective your email campaigns become.


The “mobile first” revolution is not just about making your website as user-friendly as it can be, but also your other key web marketing systems too; in particular your dental e-newsletter system. Don’t risk frustrating your user by sticking with outdated technology – if you need help with re-designing your email template and testing it, the digital marketing team at Dental Media will be pleased to help. You can reach us on 01332 672548.