New high-capacity, low-cost email service announced

Huge email storage in an ISO 27001 approved data centre now available.

Dental Media are pleased to announce a new, high-capacity email service for dentists who prefer to use web-based services rather than download and store email locally. This is also ideal for practices who wish to use IMAP services rather than “pop” i.e. leaving mail on the web server to allow synchronisation across multiple devices.

Whilst we have always provided similar services to this, our new email cluster provides much greater capacity than previously at low cost and in an ISO 27001 approved data centre (this is the ISO standard for information security management).

Features of the service

  • 5, 10, 20 or 50 gigs of storage starting at £100 per year. To give an idea, 5 gigs of storage should be ample for several years for an average user.
  • Secure storage in a leading, ISO approved UK data centre
  • Seamless operation alongside your professional web hosting
  • Web access 24/7/365
  • Nightly back-ups to a secondary system on site. Weekly back-ups to a third system off-site
  • Use your own domain name – much more professional than a GMail or Hotmail account
  • Split the storage capacity across multiple mail accounts
  • Class-leading “anti-spam” appliance – this will remove 98% of all spam from your inbox
  • Ability to handle encrypted connections

Why is this better than a GMail business account and remotely hosted “Office” accounts?

We are aware that there are numerous email hosting services which offer a lot of space and remote web access. However, virtually all of these charge per the account – so if you want to add a new email address, you pay the same fee again. Our new service allows you to split your storage allocation across multiple accounts which really does make the service extremely cost-effective.

The economics.

If you use GMail for business, you will typically pay around £40 per year for it. However, this is for a single email address – if you need more, you pay again. For a dental practice which requires several email addresses, this soon stacks up. There is also the huge downside in that Google has admitted to scanning all emails in their system to profile you and serve adverts. This is probably not something you want for your business. With the Dental Media email package, you can simply allocate your storage quota across multiple accounts as you wish. For a practice with 5 email addresses, you are around half the price of a GMail business service and still ample space to use.

Is it difficult to set up?

Absolutely not! We will handle the transition for existing clients seamlessly without interruption. We can also migrate automatically for most new clients too.

How do I get going?

We are very proud of our new service which provides a “fire and forget” way to handle your dental practice emails. Alongside our business-class web hosting, you can be sure that your website and email services are in the best possible hands and likely saving you hundreds of pounds on your current provider. Please call us on 01332 672548 to discuss more and to get the process underway.