Google Reviews – Why You Need To Add Them To Your Website

Google Reviews – Why You Need To Add Them To Your Website

Boost the “social proof” on your site and blog

You’ve worked hard to get a nice set of positive reviews on Google for your dental business and hopefully they are working hard for you via your Google “My Business” page and regular searches where patients are seeking out treatments and services. However, you may have seen some dentists taking it a step further by actually displaying those reviews on their websites?

If your reviews are in good shape, it really does make sense to display them, so in this short blog we’ll take a quick look at the main reasons why you should get those reviews onto your website and also the main mechanisms to do it. Let’s jump in.

Why display Google reviews on your website?

It’s a well-known fact that people making buying decisions usually look to reviews to support their decision, with some researchers suggesting that on average, a consumer will look through at least ten reviews before proceeding. Of course this applies to dental services too.

In this context, this type of validation of purchase decisions is known as seeking “social proof” and it’s equally as important as a word-of-mouth referral. Indeed Google itself strongly recommends nurturing the review process to ensure that consumers have a clear idea of the service they are purchasing and whether it’s a good decision based on the experience of others. There are other collateral benefits too, e.g. SEO, as we’ll see later.

The first patient interaction

Very often, the first interaction a new patient has with your practice is when they perform a Google search and see your listing displayed in the search results. If your business listing is set up correctly and optimised, they will also see your details, along with your reviews, displayed in the local results section on page one of the search results – this is very, very powerful.

This is obviously important but why not extend the display of those reviews through to your website too? This makes an awful lot of sense, in particular as it reinforces the positive user experience as they click through to your website from the search results.

So unless your reviews are poor, it really does make sense to cascade them through to your site.

The positive effect on search engine optimisation – SEO

Positive reviews are well-known to be a ranking indicator for Google, particularly for the local results which users see for businesses operating in their locality. We also see a strong correlation between businesses with a healthy set of reviews and their rank in the traditional organic (free) search results.

Deploying reviews on your site also creates an engaging feature which users want to interact with i.e. it keeps them on site. There is a lot of evidence to suggest the Google uses parameters like “time on site” to indicate the site’s quality and hence worthiness for an improved ranking position.

How to get reviews on your website

There are a couple of main ways to do this and may result in you speaking with your designer for a little bit of assistance:

  • Use a third-party reviews aggregator – there are several services out there which will collate your reviews and then provide a “widget” which can be used on your website to display them. Just take a little bit of care when choosing such as service as some of them can be very pricey and hence poor value. Others also offer to place the reviews for you – but of course they can’t do that, it has to be your own patients using their own devices and on their own networks.
  • Use the Google ‘API’ which allows your website to interact with Google’s service to bring the data in. This can be a bit fiddly but again, your dental site designer will be able to help and it’s well worthwhile.

Promote the conversation and the conversion!

Adding reviews to your dental website is a great way to provide the social proof new patients desire when evaluating a new service or seeking a new treatment. It is a particularly engaging feature and really does help to give confidence and encourage users to make an enquiry. As we’ve seen above, there is also the SEO benefit too!

Need any help? Please give the web team here at Dental Media a call on 01332 672548 and we’ll be pleased to explain this and other features you can add to your website to really improve its performance.