The Monthly Work Of An SEO Team

What we do which you don’t see….

website traffic trendHere at Dental Media, when we quote for an SEO project, we always give an indication of the type of work which our team conducts each month to help move your website up the search rankings in the quest for those all-important new patient enquiries.

But what struck me is that it is likely that most dentists don’t actually have much of an idea as to the extent of the work which goes on as part of this ongoing exercise to beat the competition in Google. So with that in mind, here’s a concise summary of the typical activities our SEO teams complete each month for our dental clients.

Hopefully this will help to give a clearer idea of where the money goes and why great search engine optimisation isn’t something you can purchase for $100 per month from some faceless off-shore team who spammed your email, or as a “bolt-on” to your monthly website maintenance fee!

Strategy planning

This is where we review the results of the previous months work and use them to develop our programme for the following month. Have we met targets? What were the good points? Were there any negative points? How did our competitors get on? This work goes hand-in-hand with our reporting (see later), allows us to see exactly how we performed and informs our strategy for the future. We will also ask questions of our clients to ensure that our work is still targeted to their objectives correctly. We will make recommendations and advise about strategy adjustments in our reporting.

On page optimisation

A large part of SEO is making sure that the on-page website optimisation is regularly reviewed and changes made as necessary. This could be as little as a few keyword changes in page titles, through to wholesale addition of new website sections and content pages. This often runs in conjunction with our strategy planning and maintenance work as agreed with the client. We then allow Google a week or so to index the new content and we check to see the effect on ranking positions. We will regularly cycle this type of activity through the various website sections and topics to make sure that they stay optimised.

Link building outreach

One of the key drivers for SEO is the number of good quality links pointing back at your own website. These are not easy to come by and a significant amount of effort has to be put into finding and gaining them. There are a number of ways to do this which I can’t share here, but suffice to say it is very hard work with a failure rate in excess of 95% – so for every hundred times you ask for a link, over ninety five will reject you. But it’s the five percent success which makes all the difference and differentiates the good SEOs from those who pretend to do it. Indeed, if you look carefully at the SEO packages offered by most dental marketing companies, many actually exclude the all-important link-building aspect, simply because it’s too hard for them to do. This is also a big reason why they typically fail.

Content generation and blogging

Two key aspects for SEO success are content generation and blogging. By publishing fresh content to a practice blog and by seeding interesting content into other channels e.g. via social media, we help to build up website authority, rankings and traffic.

Technical website enhancements

It’s not just on-page content adjustment which can make a difference for SEO success. There are other technical aspects which are also very important these days such as page load speed and mobile usability. Search engines evaluate these factors and favour websites which are technically competent rather than just pretty. Google in particular, keeps pushing the boundaries on this and it’s important that we stay on top of this for the sake of our clients.

Analytics and reporting

Closing the loop on a typical month’s reporting will be a full evaluation of the web analytics and translating this into our visual reporting system for ease of use by our dental clients. We’ve developed a suite of reporting tools which allow us to present key performance data such as traffic by channel, conversions, bounce rates and ranking positions, but without bamboozling the user.

Feedback to the client

All reporting is completed by the end of the first week of the month and depending on our agreement, we will also discuss the results and reporting directly with you. It’s essential for us to get feedback of our campaigns from the practice so we can be assured that the web conversions and ‘phone calls are actually translating into paying patients. Where this isn’t happening, we can discuss the systems required at the practice to manage this.

The process then begins again in the relentless push to keep our clients ahead of the pack.


The SEO process is not fire-and-forget and takes a lot of hard work and insight to be successful. It is also dynamic and like most processes, needs periodic adjustment to stay on track. This could be due to Google changing it’s ranking algorithm and publishing guidelines, to a new aggressive competitor starting up in our client’s location. We have to be nimble to accommodate and understand all of these factors.

If your current SEO process is a black box or perhaps you just aren’t getting the results you were promised, we can help. Please call the team at Dental Media on 01332 672548 and arrange your consultation.