New SEO reporting from Dental Media

New SEO reporting from Dental Media

Even more transparency for your digital marketing campaigns

As I’ve mentioned previously in this blog, it never ceases to amaze when new dental SEO clients tell me that their old digital marketing supplier never provided reports to validate the success (or otherwise) of their digital marketing campaigns.

Even where reports were provided, they were either automatically generated and minimalist or deliberately focused on “successes” which on paper looked good but actually meant very little at all! For example, reporting that obscure keyword searches such as “CEREC dentist Bognor Regis” had gone to the top of Google. Of course, very few people actually search for that.

Here at Dental Media we’ve always tried to be as transparent as possible with our digital marketing campaigns for dentists, in particular making sure that what we report each month is meaningful and genuinely helpful for determining the progress and payback of the campaigns. We also ensure that we use our client’s own accounts to set up tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console so that they have exactly the same access as we do to the raw data.

Enhanced SEO reporting for dentists

In an effort to keep improving the quality of our reporting, over the last couple of months we’ve upgraded the format of what we provide to included more graphical elements and data taken straight from Google’s own tools which measure website performance. The objective is to give the client an “at-a-glance” summary of the performance of their website, including SEO and paid marketing initiatives. Additionally there is more detailed narrative should the client wish to dig a little deeper.

Our latest reports include the following important information:

  • traffic levels and trends from all main channels, including organic and paid search
  • keyword analysis – taken directly from Google Search Console i.e. definitive
  • most popular landing pages
  • bounce rates
  • conversions – i.e. how many people actually contacted you (web forms and calls)
  • conversion rates – paid and organic channels
  • Click-through-rate, average ad positions, cost-per-click and other metrics for paid channels
  • Website usage by device type
  • a written overview summarising the data and suggested future strategy

In some cases we also report on other elements where a client has a specific interest in certain types of data e.g. social media activity etc.

Our reports are produced in the first week of every month and look back at the previous months data as well as ongoing trends. We are always open to discuss any aspect of the reporting, in fact we actively encourage it to help us improve and to give our client’s confidence in our services.


Any digital marketing campaign must be accompanied by suitable reporting. This means reporting the information which actually shows the performance of a campaign and not information which might look good but actually means very little e.g. the keyword example noted above.

If you have questions about your current SEO or pay-per-click campaigns or perhaps you feel that your dental marketing company is intentionally keeping you in the dark, please get in touch. You can reach the digital team at Dental Media on 01332 672548 and we’ll be pleased to assist with no-obligation advice.