Topic Authority And Dental SEO

Establish an authoritative website for top Google positions

number one queryIt is Google’s publicly stated aim to deliver the best answers for questions posed by users in their search engine. To achieve this Google tries to identify those websites which are popular and authoritative on a particular subject and then promotes these to the top of the search rankings. Of course it’s not quite as straightforward as that and Google uses lots of different signals to work out website search positions; however it is still very clear that authoritative websites tend to appear very prominently in the ranking results.

To illustrate, consider a website which is all about different dog breeds and has an internal section about Labradors. Now consider a website which is all about Labradors and where the internal pages are all about specific aspects of that breed. All other things being equal, the website which is all about Labradors and full of high-quality, authoritative information, will very likely appear higher in the search results than the more general site for a search related to “Labradors”.

Using the concept of “authority” to assist SEO

Knowing the above, we can use “topic authority” to help search engine results for dental searches in a couple of different ways.

  1. Build out the areas of your website which you wish to become more prominent in Google. For example, if you are keen to push dental implant treatments, don’t rely on a single website page to achieve this. Add additional pages in and around the topic, for example using implants to stabilise dentures, all-on-4 treatments, bone grafting etc. By doing this you will build a more authoritative resource which Google should recognise and reward.
  2. Build a dedicated website covering a specific type of treatment e.g. all about orthodontics and the various types of appliances, all about implants or perhaps about sedation.

Particularly for number 2 above, developing topic authority for a defined treatment technique is perhaps the best way to form a solid foundation for gaining great search engine results. However, as we’ll see below, that alone doesn’t guarantee you will be top of the search results, so please read on.

You built a high-quality, topic focused website – what’s next?

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, Google uses many different signals to determine overall search rankings. So even if you’ve developed an excellent, treatment focused resource, you will likely need to do more than that to get the ranking positions you want. Whilst you will have given yourself the best possible platform, you may still need ongoing optimisation to get the boost you need and maintain the momentum. For example you may need to add periodic blogs around the topic, seek out useful back-links and also gain positive reviews for your services. All of these elements provide additional “quality” signals to Google to encourage them to boost your website’s search positions.

In locations with significant competition, these additional factors may well become necessary.


Developing “topic authority” with your website is a great way to establish an optimal foundation for search engine ranking. Done correctly and with supporting, ongoing SEO when required, this can be a great way to gain very prominent results in search engines. So if you wish to push particular treatments, for example dental implants, orthodontics or perhaps sedation, a website dedicated to that particular topic is well-worth considering.

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