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Stuck with a new website but without the latest responsive design?

More and more users are surfing the internet using their smart phones to search, browse and make buying decisions. Statistics show that between 25 - 40% of all web use is via mobile devices and the massive growth rate suggests that by 2016, web use via mobile will have surpassed that on desk-top PCs.

The statistics clearly show that a web presence optimised for mobile should not be ignored, in fact alongside the main website and blog, mobile optimisation is a key part of the overall web marketing package.

Whilst "responsive" design is the clear way forward for new websites, some dentists have relatively new sites where this technique was not adopted - so a website which is maybe 12 months old but not mobile optimised. This is a significant disadvantage and leaves the owner in limbo whilst waiting to upgrade the site in a few years time.

Whilst it is not really practical to retrofit responsive behaviour to an existing website, we can can plug the gap with a separate mobile version whilst you wait for a full upgrade.

Whilst many websites work adequately on mobile devices, very few of them are optimised to make full effect of the small screen real-estate on offer. As such, it is important to strip back the main website content so that just the key information is shown on mobile.

How we optimise for the mobile web:

Prominent contact information

Your main contact information is brought to the fore i.e. your e-mail address, telephone number and address. Most smart phones have an in-built function whereby a correctly configured telephone number can be "tapped" on-screen to start a call quickly and easily.

The GPS functionality of mobile phones can also be used to show your location on the phone's inbuilt mapping application simply by clicking on the address.

Simplified mobile content

Large images and detailed treatment information must be pared right back for mobile use - the screen size and connection speeds simply aren't suitable for the content that you would expect on a desk-top site. So we rationalise this considerably and only show the critical information needed to allow your users to find you, understand your service offer and contact you.

Advanced feature set

Dental Media mobile websites for dentists come with an advanced feature set as standard:

  • customised to your main website colour scheme, logo and branding
  • very fast loading
  • mobile SEO optimised
  • optional content management (CMS) where you can make your own updates to your mobile site

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For a one-off cost of £850 (+VAT), we can put you on the mobile map, even if you are note quite ready to upgrade to the latest responsive design. Please call us now on 01332 672548 for full details.

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