Email Marketing Campaigns

Easy to use "opt-in" system with web based administration for dental practices

Stay in touch with your dental patients with an
automated, elegant and simple mailing system
  • Build the dentist : patient relationship by regular and familiar communication
  • Promote your offers and services in a timely fashion via regular emails
  • Ensure you are ahead of the competition when your client is making a buying decision - keep your offers and services fresh in their minds

Dental Media can provide systems and training to capture your existing and potential clients mail addresses and then compile informative e-newsletters to stay in touch. Simple but powerful.

Regular emails will raise the awareness of your practice and services to ensure you remain the first port of call for your existing and prospective clients.

Alongside your main dental website, blog and social media network, promotional emails are considered to be an essential tool to maintain and grow your web real-estate and keep you ahead of the competition.

Contact Dental Media to see how email marketing helps retain existing clients and brings new patients to your dental practice.

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