Packaged dental web design or bespoke service?

In the last couple of years there has been a noticeable trend whereby certain dental web designers have started to package their design services – “gold”, “silver”, “bronze”, “saver”, “ultimate” etc – you see the picture. Within these packages you get a set of services and features for inclusion in your website.

“Packaging” – the up-sell:

So why do marketers “package” products and is buying into a package deal a good idea when compared to a truly bespoke design service? Let’s start by looking at what “packaging” a set of services is designed to achieve from the sellers perspective. First and foremost this concept allows a seller to “up-sell” their products and bolt-on additional items that in most cases you don’t want or need. A good example is the offer of a full flash website apparently designed to differentiate you from your competitors in highly competitive locations – no basis in fact there I’m afraid! Indeed this is particularly poor advice given that search engines do not rank flash websites at all well. However it would cost you a pretty penny if you didn’t know any different.

The usual selling trick is to introduce you to a package that looks like it might fit the bill and then bolt on all of the “extras” – monthly support contracts, SEO packs, fancy clinical images etc. Typically your budget is blown before you realise it and quite often you’ll find yourself with a costly monthly support contract to boot.

The “head designer”….

The other question you may wish to ponder is why would a design agency offer you different levels of service either from a “junior”, “standard” or “head” designer? Do they really differentiate the quality of their work like that or are they just nudging you towards their most expensive offer? The answer is pretty clear……..

The alternative way…..

Of course there is another way. Rather than jump into a package deal and end up with a dental website template that looks so much like all the others out there, it may be wise to consider a truly bespoke dental website design. No packages, no templates, no add-ons that fail to deliver – just beautiful dental website design that properly represents the quality of your practice and services.

At Dental Media we do not offer packaged web design – we understand that discerning clients want a bespoke, personalised and transparent offer that is tailored to their exact requirements. More and more clients are migrating to Dental Media for exactly that reason.

So what about the cost? Surely a packaged service must be cheaper than the personalised option? Well the answer here is a definite “no” – we know you will be more than pleasantly surprised at just how cost-effective our bespoke designs are.

A properly constructed, good looking and highly functional website is the cornerstone of your on-line dental marketing activity and it’s essential to make the right choice of web design partner. So for a better level of service, please contact Dental Media today.

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