Never believe what you’re told (sold)….

Normally I restrict my posts to reports about new dental marketing ideas, latest web design techniques or items of a similar ilk. However, I felt it important to share with you an example of really poor practice implemented by one of the largest dental web design “specialists” who purport to be web marketing experts. I’m referring to duplicate content – the web design “no no” that Google deplores and will result in search engine penalties for unsuspecting website owners.

For those who don’t know what this means, duplicate content is fairly self-explanatory – in a nut-shell, the same web content published on different sites is absolutely contrary to good design practice and will result in your website being relegated down the search rankings whilst you sit and watch perplexed.

So what would you think if you knew that one of the “leading” dental design agencies was rolling out duplicate content to client’s sites without their knowledge? Ironically this company claims to be a search marketing expert. This is quite scary and illustrates the hype and hard-sell that surrounds a project that is oversold but under-delivered. Frankly I was flabbergasted when I stumbled across this – to my dismay I looked a little closer and found lots of examples.

Clearly I won’t publish the examples here to save any embarrassment for the poor website owners but take a look yourself – it won’t take you long. There are lots of examples of bad practice web design and search marketing out there which you might imagine result from rushed projects, “packaged” deals and production line design that adds zero value to your business.

At Dental Media we take pride in following only the best practice web design and search marketing guidelines. Our designs are truly bespoke and we don’t up-sell unnecessary add-ons that offer you nothing except a bigger cost outlay.

Please forgive me being a little bit emotional about this – I was genuinely shocked to find these examples and feel sorry for the poor website owners it will affect.

So to summarise, don’t believe the hype, carefully check what you are being told and above all seek references. Better still, join the growing migration to Dental Media for plain talk, beautiful dental website design and a better class of web marketing.