Getting started with internet marketing for your dental practice

17 frequently asked questions with answers from the Dental Media Blog

If you have a dental practice, you will most probably have a website or at least be looking into getting one set up. Most businesses have a web presence these days no matter how big or small because it will significantly improve their chances of gaining more custom.

There are also other advantages, for example providing a useful source of information and reference point for existing patients.

There are a few points that you must consider when deciding to acquire an “on-line” presence, particularly in that it is important to seek out value-for-money and to avoid the many “up-sold” services you will find on offer. For tips and advice on how to get started and what to do in order to improve your search-visibility and overall quality of your website, read our top 17 frequently asked questions below: please click the link to find out more information!

  1. Is it time for me to boost my on-line presence?
  2. Is social media valuable?
  3. What is content Curation?
  4. Do I need email marketing?
  5. Why is my domain name so important?
  6. What is the importance of a prominent search engine position?
  7. Which factors make a website rank well in Google?
  8. How to measure website effectiveness?
  9. I want to know more about website quality and marketing ethics?
  10. Why do I need to test my dental website?
  11. Can you tell me more about the anatomy of a web design project?
  12. What is “anchor text” and how is it used in link building for SEO?
  13. What are the web design trends for 2013/2014?
  14. How do I reduce the “bounce rate” from my website?
  15. How do I get value for money from my marketing spend?
  16. Why should I choose “responsive design” rather than a mobile dental website?
  17. Why should I use internet channels for dental marketing?

No-obligation advice

If you are a newcomer to the dental marketing environment it may seem like a daunting step but this need not be the case. The experienced team at Dental Media represent hundreds of dental practices across the UK and some overseas and we will guide you through the all of the steps needed to establish an effective and affordable on-line presence that will bring new patients to your practice.

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