Hiring A Dental Marketing Agency?

What you need to ask first….

rising Google positionsThere are a lot of new companies trying to access the dental marketing sector and offering a plethora of “done for you” marketing solutions.

But most of them have very limited experience in what is a very specific field; hence why you need to stop and do a little bit of research before you let them work on your project. Here are some questions you should ask:

Demonstrate your track record and experience

This really needs to be with dental clients. The collateral needed to conduct successful SEO projects for dentists is built up with years of experience and frankly new companies will not have this. So even if they had some success in other businesses, doesn’t mean they will be successful in yours. Even more importantly, do they understand dental terminology and legislation in depth? Professional dental marketing requires production of lots of content for publication across the web – if your marketer gets that wrong, it’s likely you who will suffer at the hands of patients or the legislators. And for sure they’re watching!

Show me some references

Your potential supplier shouldn’t have any issues with you requesting references. Even better, ask to speak to one of their existing clients. There shouldn’t be anything to hide.

Are you a specialist or do you offer a range of services?

There are a number of digital marketing services for dentists which are synergistic. For example pay-per-click (AdWords) campaigns are often inter-twined with organic SEO campaigns and can be used to inform strategy. So it’s reasonable to expect your “organic” (free) search team to be able to help you professionally with pay-per-click and other techniques too. There are a number of agencies who focus primarily on PPC (it’s much easier!) and only bolt-on organic SEO as a necessity. So be sure that anyone you choose can demonstrate success in all of the main channels.

What tools and techniques do you use?

Digital dental marketing, particularly SEO, is an ever-changing landscape and techniques which were relevant just a few years ago are now defunct and frowned on by Google. So be sure that your potential new supplier explains their techniques and how they work. You should be hearing feedback such as blogging, content marketing, ethical link-building, citation development and more. If you need help to validate anything you are being told, please call us here at Dental Media for guidance. Bottom line is that SEO is hard work – too hard for a lot of cowboy agencies who will sell you a “solution” but not do what it takes to get the results.

Who are your high-profile clients?

This one is a bit trickier as often companies are bound by confidentiality clauses. However, it should be evident if your target company is prominent and respected in the field.

How do you market your own business?

If a company is prominent in Google or if you found them via word-of-mouth recommendation, then this typically bodes well. However, you still need to be a bit cautious. Over the years, more than a few dental marketing companies have managed to secure high Google positions using “dodgy” techniques only to be eventually spotted by Google and penalised. Indeed there is a high-profile example of this just at the moment where a new company surged up the rankings over a period of 6 months but now have been all but eliminated by Google. So you also need to check for sustainability. If a company plays on the wrong side of the fence with their own marketing, chances are they’ll do it with yours too.

Is your marketing ROI driven and what reports do you provide?

Unfortunately lots of companies are reluctant to really get into the nitty gritty of whether their work is actually yielding results. You can draw your own conclusion as to why this might be. So please ensure that you are provided with regular reporting which measures a range of factors, including how many people actually got in touch with you as a result of your marketing campaigns.


High-quality, effective dental marketing is not cheap and needs to be carefully evaluated before you step in. There are a plethora of new young companies offering services in the sector but without any credible track records and certainly lacking the knowledge and experience of the two or three long-standing suppliers like Dental Media. If you are seeking dental marketing services for your practice and feeling overwhelmed, let us bring our 17 years of experience to bear to assist. You can reach our team on 01332 672548 and we’ll be pleased to answer any of your questions.