Dental Business Maintenance And Preparedness – Covid-19 Strategies

Dental Business Maintenance And Preparedness – Covid-19 Strategies

4 Focal Points For The Coming Weeks

As we all come to terms with the harsh realities of our new environment and formulate plans to manage our businesses whilst we wait for better news, I thought it would be useful to take a look at four key aspects of dental practice marketing and how to adapt them to suit the current predicament.

As in all crises, what we are seeing is a range of reactions from our dental clients, from the understandable despair caused by zero financial income, to innovative ways to keep business going. All of these reactions are understandable, but for certain, those who will come out of this ready and able at the other side, are working hard now to ensure that their businesses are as resilient as possible.

There are four key areas where we are helping clients prop up their business and ensuring that they are robust ready for the upturn. I will cover each of these areas in more detail in my next blogs, but for today, here is an overview and guidance to get you moving in the right direction.

E-newsletters for patient communication

If you haven’t been communicating with patients regularly up to now other than via 6 monthly recall texts, then now is the time to begin. In my next blog we’ll take a look at the tools you need, the type of content you need to generate and how to stay compliant with privacy regulations. It is so important to keep in touch with patients, now more than ever. You need to let patients know that you are there for them, if only for advice, and to keep your services “top of mind” for when your practice re-opens.

Search engine optimisation – pause or keep going?

It’s clear that maintaining the practice infrastructure is priority and if this means that other expenditure has to be paused, then so be it. However, in making those assessments and working out priorities, it’s important to understand just how important it is to maintain prominent Google rankings for when we emerge at the other side of the crisis. Web savvy dentists are keeping SEO very high on their priority lists and in doing so, stealing a lead on their local competitors who are pausing/quitting. We’ll take a look at this in more detail and how we can help in another blog coming soon. For now, the strong recommendation is, don’t quit SEO unless it’s absolutely necessary – please discuss with us first. It’s easy to lose hard won Google rankings quickly but much harder to get them back again.

Google and Facebook Ads – when to pause and when to re-start?

For now the guidance is to pause any overt advertising as people just aren’t ready to see ads of braces and the like thrust in their face on social media etc. They are still coming to terms with lock-down and how to get food supplies delivered. I mentioned in another blog how I’ve seen several adverse comments to this effect on the few Facebook ads where dentists are trying to continue. You don’t need too much poor exposure like this to start trashing your brand.

However, at some point quite soon we will hopefully see the broader “exit strategy” explained and be able to see how this affects our own practices. At this stage it really does make sense to re-launch paid advertising to start re-stocking the treatment pipeline. We’ll discuss how and when, including the use of video consultation, in another blog coming soon.

Website re-design and updating

If you have a new website design in progress or indeed updates to an existing site, we encourage you to keep going if at all possible. During “normal” times, dentists are notoriously busy and it can be a challenge to collate all of the content needed to update their practice websites. If there is any upside at all to this situation we all find ourselves in, then having more time to work on such projects could be it. We hope you’re keen to push on with your website projects and have them ready and working hard for you when we all get moving again. If you need to discuss financial assistance, for example extended payment terms to help this, please call our team and we’ll certainly try to assist where we can.


A slightly shorter blog than usual today as our main priority at the moment is helping dentists re-position their websites and marketing initiatives in line with the current challenges. However, we’ll be accruing lots of useful ideas and data, what works and what doesn’t, and we’ll share all of that with you in our next few blogs. Check back regularly to see what’s new and we’ll also be pleased to help on 01332 672548 for any immediate questions and advice. We are up-and-running across all services and here to help. Please stay safe.