Your Dental Website Testimonials Page Is Key…..

Your Dental Website Testimonials Page Is Key…..

Have you optimised it correctly? 6 main ways

There are few pages more important on your website than your testimonials page and it is a primary destination for potential new patients looking to use your dental services. However, you might be surprised to see how many dentists have failed to recognise this and run with a web testimonials page which is at best minimal, or at worst, non-existent.

It’s easy enough to say how good your services are personally, but new patients will be way more encouraged to believe you if they see excellent reviews about you expressed by existing patients. It really does make sense to acknowledge this and then present your testimonials so that they work for you in the best ways possible.

So what is the best way to organise your website testimonials page so it is set up correctly, engages new dental patients and encourages them to contact you? Let’s take a look at the basics you need to get right.

Grab attention with a compelling headline

Your testimonials need to stand out and the best way to introduce them is via a bold headline. This needs to be in keeping with the rest of your dental practice website styling but make sure it’s prominent. One trusted technique is to quote the main part of the patient testimonial as an introductory headline, for example “Martin’s chairside manner was exceptional and my new dental implant has been life-changing”.

Match the testimonial with the treatments you want to promote

Understandably many dentists are trying to promote significant treatments such as dental implants and Invisalign so it makes sense to give prominence to the testimonials which support this. So please be sure to get glowing reviews from your patients who received those particular treatments and display them prominently.

Whilst it’s always good practice to consolidate a range of top reviews on a single testimonials page on your website, it’s also really effective to use selected, treatment-specific reviews on the treatment pages of your website too. Not only does this help to break up the factual descriptive content, but also helps to build the reader’s confidence as they navigate your pages i.e. it keeps reinforcing the message.

Use photographs and video clips where possible

Images are way more eye-catching than text so it’s really important to embellish your testimonials with patient photographs and video snippets where you can. Seeing a patient discuss your services in video is really powerful and much more powerful than text alone.

You must of course ensure that your patient has given appropriate consent for using their details on your website and it makes sense to get this in writing.

Use before and after visuals

There is nothing more powerful when it comes to showcasing your work than a before and after treatment sequence. So showcase some of your best work alongside the written testimonial to grab as much attention as possible.

Use pull quotes to show how you solved the patient’s problems

Take a look through your quotations and analyse to see which of them best illustrates how you solved the patient’s problem and how professionally and effectively you did it. Use the ones which best summarise the overall benefits of the treatment and highlight just how good the patient feels now that they’ve received it. For example:

“Dr Bateman was recommended to me by a work colleague who had dental implant treatment at his practice. During the first visit I was made to feel very welcome and at ease and it was an easy decision to proceed to treatment. The whole process was painless and I now have a great new implant which is not only very natural looking but also allows me to eat what I want. Overall it was a brilliant, life-changing service which I highly recommend!”

Highlight your top testimonial

There are likely to be one or two testimonials which you are particularly proud of. Don’t hide them away and make sure that you showcase them very prominently on your website. One trusted technique is to take the “uber” testimonial and show this in a prominent place, not just on your main testimonials page but perhaps on your home page too. Then rotate this with other new, excellent testimonials periodically.


Testimonials are an essential third-party validation of your skills and services and should be used prominently on your dental practice website. Which testimonials you use and how you display them can make a significant difference to success and you should take time to work with your website developer to get it absolutely right. Use the tips and tricks discussed above and you’ll be well on your way!

If you’d like to know more about the best ways to use patient testimonials on your own dental website or need some help to upgrade what you have in place already, please call the web team at Dental Media on 01332 672548 for no-obligation guidance.