Websites For Dental Technicians And Laboratories

Showcasing your work effectively on-line

Dental laboratory in actionFor years, many dentists were slow to catch on to the power of the web when it came to advertising their services to the general public.

Whilst there are still plenty who are stuck with poor websites, there are now many more who have realised that an excellent web presence is essential and the first rung on the ladder when it comes to securing new business from the web. Indeed a lot of dental marketing is now quite progressive.

However, what struck me recently is that many dental technicians and laboratories seem to be stuck where dentists were several years ago in that their web presences are generally poor and often non-existent. I’ve been pondering this is and to be frank, it’s not entirely clear why.

We are aware that there is often a strong loyalty between dentists and their labs and many have been working together for years. Perhaps then, they don’t feel the need to market their businesses in the same way that dentists do? I suspect that there are also elements akin to “cottage industries” although many dental labs are state-of-the art and utilise equipment costing many thousands of pounds.

Opportunities missed?

But surely there are some missed opportunities here? Loyalty and solid business relationships are essential but is this sufficient in times of increasing competition and price pressures? If you are doing great work and producing high quality restorations, it seems like an ideal opportunity to display these on a high-class website and showcase them in front of potential new clients.

There are a number of good reasons why you should consider this if you run a dental laboratory, a few of the mains ones are as follows:

  • all businesses, small or large, need a great website. It serves as a comprehensive reference point, detailing essential information such as location, contact details, services provided and much more
  • if you are looking to grow your business, then a website is an essential tool, simply to let dentists know you exist and what you can provide
  • even if your business is solid, it might not always be that way. If you lose business, then you need to go on the front foot to replace it. A website showing your work, capabilities and client testimonials is essential as part of this process
  • streamline your workflow – a correctly configured website can provide all sorts of facilities for your users, from secure enquiry forms to information downloads and more. If you make these facilities available via your website, then you can potentially save a lot of administration time

Dental technician websites – key features

So what are the key sections you might expect to include on a dental technician or laboratory website? Whilst all of our clients websites are unique and bespoke, these are some of the key features we would recommend for a technician/lab website:

  • a stand-out, high-quality design in keeping with the standard of the work you offer. Dentists are keen to stress the importance of the quality of the restorations they use and so they will be looking to see that your website is of a similarly high standard
  • mobile friendly and search engine optimised – your website should be technically as well as aesthetically excellent
  • a comprehensive section detailing your services
  • showcasing the technology you use and the benefits it brings
  • examples of your work
  • testimonials from your dentist clients
  • clear contact and location details
  • secure website contact form(s)
  • information about you, your team and business ethos
  • a blog – not essential but excellent to keep dentists updated with your latest work

What does a dental laboratory website cost?

Probably a lot less than you think and relative to some of the other essential tools of your trade, a small number. From around £2000 you can have a bespoke website built and deployed to start giving you that all-important business presence of the web. In terms of ongoing maintenance costs, this is also much less than you might imagine. That said, it is essential to avoid being tied into the onerous monthly maintenance contracts that many web companies will try to foist onto you if you are unsuspecting. These monthly fees are largely unnecessary and will simply cost you money even when work is not being done on your website! Our fee model is somewhat different and will save you lots of money in comparison – please call us to find out more.

Need to know more?

Here at Dental Media we’ve worked in the dental business for over 20 years and so we know the requirements and legislation inside out. We’ve built hundreds of websites for dentists and some for laboratories and technicians too. But we don’t just build websites; we provide secure hosting, email and marketing services too.

There are plenty of synergies to be had, so if you’d like to discuss a new website for your own laboratory, please get in touch on 01332 672548 for a no-obligation discussion. We look forward to helping you take your own dental laboratory business to the next level!