Choosing between a bespoke, modular design or pre-configured package for your dental website

Why “all in one” web design packages may not be your best bet

The current landscape in dental web design appears to be one of providing pre-configured packages for dentists who are time-poor and just need their designer to pull everything together for them.

On the face of it, this may sound great, but is it really your best route to an excellent website which not only functions well but offer great value too? Let’s take a closer look….

Dental website packages

The types of packages you may see range from an entry level where a basic website is built using a pre-made template, stock photographs and annual website hosting – so the minimum needed to establish a basic foothold on the web. At this level you are looking at something fairly generic which won’t really make you stand-out above lots of the other sites out there.

The next level up, the “middle” ground package, may also offer a photo shoot and some treatment animations to supplement the basic package, but again not too much to really “wow” your audience. Just on the photography, this service is often provided by a design company “staffer” who has photography as a “bolt-on” responsibility, rather than a bona fide professional who has industry knowledge. So something to check if you do go the package route.

Finally the high-end package may offer additional options, for example the services of the “head designer”, fully bespoke design and a video shoot. You may also be offered some generic treatment text so you don’t have to write your own. So at the higher end, you should be able to purchase a dental website design offering more than average – but at a handsome price, often £8k or more (yes £8k!)

So is it worth opting for a pre-configured dental web design package? Here are some things to consider:

  • can be convenient if you don’t have much time to spare
  • can look very generic and “templated” unless you take more expensive options
  • you may be buying services you don’t actually need i.e. part of the package but adding limited value
  • if you opt for photography or video, you may be stuck with a very basic service
  • expensive – you will likely pay a lot more for a one-stop shop service

The alternative to pre-packaged design

Perhaps a better alternative to a dental web design package is a modular design service where you only implement what you need and what truly adds value. An experienced designer will be able to guide you through the features which will work well to ensure that your site is effective for new patient acquisition and also works well in Google too. If you’d like to add bespoke photographs and perhaps video too, then this should be available as options, either to add immediately or at some point in future. However, you shouldn’t be forced into anything unless you are sure that the suggested features actually add value.

The benefits of a bespoke, modular design approach:

  • truly bespoke design, avoiding the use of templates – your website will be an original and not a copy
  • you only pay for the elements you need and which genuinely add value. No value dilution
  • flexibility – if, for example you prefer to use your own photographer, you can
  • a modular approach keeps you in control
  • add new features to your website over time as budget and resources become available


Website packages for dentists are popular and certainly an option for those who are time-poor and are not too concerned about their site perhaps appearing a little generic or paying over the odds for features which don’t really add value.

Alternatively, there is the modular approach where an experienced designer will listen very carefully to your brief, provide ideas and then build a bespoke website exactly suited to your needs. Low value-add items will be excluded, meaning that budget can be directed towards features which are proven to work. You will also be able to include your own services if you prefer, for example your own photographer or video team – flexibility will be a key feature.

Like most services, there is no “one-size-fits” all approach which will deliver optimum results, so take a little time to explore the pros and cons before signing up.

If you’d like to discuss bespoke websites for dentists in more detail, the team at Dental Media are on hand to help. You can reach us on 01332 672548 for no-obligation, transparent advice.