Dental Practice Videos – Marketing Tool-Kit Part 3

In part three of our series covering the key elements for marketing a dental practice we will discuss the use of video as a powerful tool for converting website visitors to targeted enquiries.

Please read on for more detail about how to implement this exceptionally powerful technique.

The use of video for dental marketing

Over the last 18 months, video has become a front-running tool for progressive practices looking to build their patient numbers. A professionally produced video, incorporating patient testimonials, is excellent for holding attention and encouraging your visitors to make an enquiry.

Shooting and using web video in a dental practice – key steps

  • select a “pro” video team – this is much cheaper than you might imagine and the results will be very well worthwhile
  • ensure the shoot covers three main elements; an overview of the practice, interviews with key staff members and the all-important patient testimonials
  • ensure the video footage is delivered in formats that can be used on the website, dental blog, on the reception plasma screens and promo DVDs
  • publish the footage to YouTube with appropriate keywords and tags for SEO
  • use the footage in conjunction with your dental website SEO e.g. if you have a patient testimonial covering a smilemakeover using veneers and teeth whitening, make sure you use those keywords in your video testimonials page


The dental practice video is highly recommended as one of the main tools to assist an internet marketing campaign for a dental practice. Our client’s analytics results demonstrate that the number of new patient enquiries generated from video testimonial pages is much higher than from any other source. Video is also versatile – it can be used on the practice website and blog, to assist SEO via YouTube referrals, for promo DVDs and on waiting room screens.

You might be pleasantly surprised at just how cost-effective video really is – around 1/3 the price of a glossy practice brochure and with significantly better marketing reach. Video is versatile, cost-effective and proven to be a great conversion tool – three compelling reasons to place it near the top of you marketing “must have” list.

Next time out we will take a more detailed look at the mobile dental website and how hand-held devices now account for > 15% of all website traffic.