Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy

Don’t miss out on this huge marketing asset

You may be fueling business growth through the well-known and effective channels of digital marketing, for example SEO and pay-per-click, but are you missing out on another critical asset which is right under your nose?

Here I’m referring to your employees and using their knowledge and experience to help broadcast positive messages about your business within their own social communities. Numerous studies have indicated that a company’s employees are in fact the most credible brand advocates and reliable sources for a business’s target audience.

This concept is broadly referred to as “employee advocacy” and it works just as well for small businesses as larger ones; albeit the overall “reach” of such strategies will obviously be governed by the number of employees involved. Irrespective, this employee advocacy approach is very powerful and well worth nurturing, particularly considering the socially connected environment we all live in these days.

So how can your staff help with your dental marketing?

In the dental context, there need to be firm ground rules in place and possibly even some training to ensure that when your internal brand advocates are broadcasting to the masses, that they’re not inadvertently breaking any GDC rules, ICO rules or any others which apply. This should go without saying and is very important. Once that confidence is established, you can then encourage your team to begin sharing your content and messages with their own social connections. Many of the younger generation now have hundreds if not thousands of social connections and the potential reach is significant when you get it right.

As well as increasing the social reach of your brand, when your team share your content you will also benefit from:

  • increased website traffic
  • increase in qualified leads
  • better social engagement as new users interact with your business profiles

Some examples of employee advocacy and why it’s so powerful

Imagine you are looking for a new dentist in your area. You’ve searched the web and short-listed three potentials, then that evening in the pub someone mentions that they work there and goes on to sing the praises of the work that’s been completed, how it’s changed patient’s lives for the better and all carried out at the highest standards of clinical excellence. Chances are you will definitely give that practice a second look. Perhaps you’ve also seen a social media post from another employee of the same practice discussing their latest charity event and the money they’ve raised to help the less fortunate? All of these messages are building a positive picture and encouraging you towards seeking out their services.

Of course the advocacy has to come over as authentic and not appear to be a spammy sales pitch, but a fully motivated and appropriately directed employee should be able to accomplish this without difficulty. Every employee wants to feel part of a bigger picture and feel that he/she can stand behind and promote the dental business. Achieving this and mobilising a fully motivated workforce as brand advocates is outside of the scope of this article, but hopefully it’s clear just how powerful and important it is.

Wrapping up

Marketing your business can be expensive and even successful digital marketing campaigns may not completely get you to where you need to be. To complement these channels, you also need to leverage on employee advocacy and make sure you harness the huge potential it offers. By allowing your own employees to extend your marketing, you can help to grow your brand presence organically and bring in more qualified leads without just throwing extra thousands of pounds at your marketing budget.

If you’d like to discuss the various mechanisms for marketing your own dental practice, why not get in touch with our experienced team here at Dental Media? You can reach us on 01332 672548 for a no-obligation discussion.