Logos For Dentists – The Dos and Don’ts

Why a cheap logo just isn’t worth it….

bad dental logo exampleIn an increasingly competitive dental environment, do you want your practice to stand out above the crowd with a memorable, professional logo?

Or would you prefer to save a few hundred pounds and make the same mistake that many practices do by trying a DIY job, or paying £50 for a cheap, template version from the web?

If you go the cheap and cheerful route, you’ll may well end up with something rather poor, for example the cheesy “tooth” logos that are all too prevalent. In fact if you search “dentist logo” in a Google image search, you’ll find a range of tooth-type logos which range from the downright awful to barely passable, either available from “stock” images websites or knocked together by cheap logo services.

Whatever the source, the result is pretty much the same i.e. something which will not represent your practice in the best light and which definitely won’t differentiate you from the other guys out there who purchased the same dodgy examples. You’ll likely have seen them and hopefully decided that you can do better. The good news is that you can, and likely much more cost-effectively than you might imagine. I’ll come on to that later.

Key features of a quality logo service

When you are looking to develop your brand and evaluating a dental logo development service, there are some key features to look out for. If the service does not provide these elements as standard, then you need to ask why or more likely, consider another provider:

  • a bespoke design service i.e. not sourced from “stock” or created with a cheap logo creation tool
  • a design in keeping with your business and ethos – just because you’re a dentist doesn’t mean that you need a “tooth” logo – on the contrary. Your designer should discuss your requirements with you and provide a comprehensive questionnaire to gather your ideas and objectives
  • several concepts – you will typically agree the number of concepts in the fee
  • an agreed number of iterations to produce the final logo design
  • creation of a professional file pack, including low and high res jpeg versions, vector and pdf formats. Also also CMYK and RGB colour profiles

One omission we see very regularly with cheap logo services is failing to provide a vector version of the logo. This is the format which will scale up to very large sizes without degradation in resolution. Vector format is almost always needed for sign and print work and the budget providers often omit it deliberately so you have to go back and pay a lot more when you realise you need it in the future. Way too many dentists make this mistake, so please do your homework! “Buy cheap, buy twice” as they say.

What does a good logo for a dental practice actually cost?

You can pay several thousands of pounds for a logo; indeed one of the well-known designers who has been around for a number of years in the dental business charges a lot more than this. Their work is excellent but for sure you don’t need to go to these lengths and high quality work can be had starting around the £500 + vat mark. This will include several iterations from our designers here at Dental Media and all of the features noted above.

How long does the process take?

This is another area which is often under-estimated. When you see “next day” logo services advertised on-line on the web, what you are actually getting is a pre-made logo with some simple text added on. Not very inspiring and certainly not appropriate for anyone who is serious about their business.

We usually recommend a development period of two to four weeks to complete a full logo development exercise which gives time to discuss the project, complete the necessary documentation and questionnaire, develop concepts and then iterate to the final design. It’s a time-consuming process to do right and hence should be planned accordingly.

Next steps to great logos for dentists!

Hopefully I’ve provided an overview of the logo process and what to look out for when you are selecting a designer. There may be some attractive looking offers on the web or even spammed into your email inbox, but please be cautious. As we’ve noted above, there are too many dentists who go the cheap-and-cheerful route and end up with something horribly sub-standard. Some have even added their ‘dodgy’ tooth logos to practice signage, staff uniforms, stationery and more; only to realise later and regret it.

So please don’t be like the cheap logo guys; take some time, allocate a sensible budget and get it right first time – your logo is a really important step in building your overall brand and it pays to do a professional job right from the start.

Here at Dental Media we’ve developed lots of logos for dentists, either as stand-alone work or as part of an overall website design and branding exercise. If you’d like more details about our branding and logo development services, please get in touch with our team on 01332 672548.