Video Presentations For Dental Reception Areas

Benefits of bespoke video presentations for dentist’s waiting rooms

Video Presentation Dental Waiting RoomProviding useful marketing materials in a dental reception area is a well-proven tactic for encouraging existing patients to take up new types of treatments. Whether this is via a “smile design” booklet placed handily on the tables, posters on the walls or leaflets in easily accessible racks, all work nicely to help patients see what you offer to improve their smiles and overall oral health.

But perhaps the most engaging method you can use is the bespoke waiting room presentation on a large flat-screen TV placed strategically for all to view. People are typically drawn to information presented like this in preference to literature, so it makes sense to deploy it professionally in your own reception areas.

Types of dental video presentation

There are typically two main types of presentation – generic and bespoke. Generic treatment information can be made available on your screen via systems which integrate with your TV – you can select which types of treatments you wish to display from a pre-configured menu of treatment types. Whilst this is useful for patient education, it’s not very engaging in that it is very difficult to add any type of personalisation to the presentations. So adding your own branding, photographs of your team and your own case images typically cannot be done. The monthly rental costs of such systems also mount up quite quickly.

The second type of presentation is bespoke i.e. configured specifically for your own practice, team, skill-set and objectives. So rather than a cheesy, generic description of a dental treatment, the viewer sees a presentation which details what your team has achieved for your patients. Your own branding will be included, your treatment cases and even patient testimonials where appropriate.

Overall, a bespoke dental reception area video will serve you much better than generic “off-the-shelf” versions and it will cost you less in the long run too. In many ways this is similar to a dental website, the personalised versions work much better than the generic templates which frankly too many dentists mistakenly choose.

Creating a bespoke reception area video

Here at Dental Media we build bespoke reception videos for our clients quite frequently. Similarly to a website development, we will ask you to provide any bespoke material you wish to use, for example photographs of the team, case studies, testimonials etc. We will then produce a “story board” for your video incorporating your information together with user-friendly text to describe your treatments. We then present this back to you together with options for backing music to gain your feedback. After any corrections and final checks, the video is made available on memory stick or other media suitable for deployment in you waiting room.

What about updates to the video?

Because we build the video in modular form and make it available on portable media, it is straightforward to update. It can even be done via Dropbox or similar, so any changes you wish to make can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Would you like to see some examples?

To see examples of our recent reception area videos, please get in touch with our team on 01332 672548 and we’ll be pleased to help. Boost treatment uptake from your existing patients today!