Is your dental reception video effective?

Is your dental reception video effective?

Presenting the right content on your waiting room flat-screen TV

The dental reception video is an excellent tool for helping existing patients understand more about the treatments you provide and encouraging them to investigate new options to enhance their smiles and/or improve their oral health.

Indeed, in terms of value for money, it’s a difficult one to beat as it is “ever present” and working in front of a captive audience. So it pays to invest appropriately to deploy content that will work well.

Many dentists have invested in video presentations for their reception areas but some are much better than others; ranging from “off the shelf”, generic versions which can be rather low quality and cheesy, to fully bespoke version which, when done well, can really create a great impression for your patients.

Why invest in a reception area video?

Here are the main benefits of a great dental reception video:

  • “always on” – brings relevant information to your patients as they wait
  • introduces your team and facilities
  • demonstrates your full range of treatment options and their benefits
  • shows smile makeover ‘before and after’ results
  • showcases patient testimonials
  • introduces offers and events e.g. open days

Whilst “face to face” discussions are always likely to be best for delivering new treatment take-up, a carefully crafted video can certainly pique initial interest and get the ball rolling. Plus it’s always there working for you!

What works and what doesn’t work?

There are two or three dental reception video providers who provide a library of material which you can select and then broadcast on your local system. Whilst this is an interesting concept and does allow for some “mix and match”, the content provided can be very generic and cheesy and frankly not that interesting for your patients to watch. Ultimately, this type of content is not very engaging and for most, will actually be a turn-off. So the flexibility these systems offer is significantly off-set by the poor content they tend to use. They also tend to incur some fairly hefty monthly fees.

In contrast, a bespoke video which is personalised to the local business works a lot better, in many ways similar to how a bespoke dental website is way more attractive than a pre-built, generic template site filled with stock images. A patient who is considering cosmetic dentistry to improve their smile or perhaps a dental implant to improve their mouth function, will be engaged much better seeing real results and patient testimonials, rather than generic content.

What to include in your own dental reception video

Here are the main content elements you will find in the best-performing waiting room videos:

  • a welcome message from the principal
  • an overview of the facilities – showcasing new technologies and innovations
  • an overview of the team and their expertise
  • treatment types with brief explanations, benefits and graphics
  • payment and finance options
  • before and after case studies, preferably with testimonials
  • special offers where appropriate
  • upcoming events e.g. open days

It is also possible to include segments of your practice video, cut into the reception video content where appropriate to do so.

Bespoke video content from Dental Media

If you’re wondering where you can source a professional video for your own reception areas, the team at Dental Media is on hand to help. We produce general website and reception videos for dentists using the latest techniques and incorporating your content to ensure they are totally bespoke and tuned to your business needs. We will guide you through the complete process, from planning through to deployment. Most modern flat-screen TVs will run video from a USB stick, but we also have other systems we can recommend where required.

If you would like more information and links to examples, please get in touch on 01332 672548 and we’ll be pleased to illustrate just how well a bespoke dental reception video can work at your own practice.