Virtual Smile Consultation With SmileMate

Virtual Smile Consultation With SmileMate

Booking new dental treatments remotely!

It’s well-known that innovation tends to ramp up considerably in times of adversity and we’re certainly seeing this in the dental community as dentists and solution providers look for new ways to overcome the challenges presented by Covid-19.

Over the last few weeks we’ve covered a number of new and well-established technologies which are now being ramped up to help dentists stay in touch with patients and even help them to book new treatments despite the lock-down measures.

This week we’re taking a look at the SmileMate technology which several of our clients are trialling to facilitate remote consultations. Please note that we have no affiliation with this company, we are simply identifying another interesting tool which may be beneficial for dental businesses, particularly in theses challenging times.

What is SmileMate?

The SmileMate tool uses photographs taken by the patient using their own smart ‘phone and then applies artificial intelligence to create a treatment pre-qualification report. The report is then submitted to the SmileMate portal where both the patient and the patient’s dentist can log-in to discuss treatment options and next steps.

Of course this does not and cannot replace full face-to-face consultation and examination. However, early reports suggest that the AI system is quite adept at initial assessment and making treatment proposals to effectively starts the patient journey. Clearly the actual treatment plan still has to be developed following a clinical examination, but SmileMate appears to be adept at getting the process moving.

How it works – simple steps for the patient and dentist

There are five main steps to the SmileMate assessment process as follows:

  • the patient visits your website or a customisable landing page provided on the SmileMate portal
  • the patient takes photographs of their teeth using detailed guidance videos and instructions and uploads them via the portal
  • the system applies AI in-line with the patient’s request and photographs
  • a report is generated automatically and submitted to the dentist’s dashboard in the portal
  • the dentist assesses the report, annotates it and shares it with the patient who can access it and engage in conversation

The key here is that the system gathers initial data remotely and via the clever reporting, facilitates the engagement between the patient and their dentist. The hope of course, is that this then progresses to a full clinical examination and treatment.

You can find out more here:

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Integrating the portal into the dental website

SmileMate provides a small piece of code which easily allows the main interactive part of their portal to be included on your website. It is strongly recommended that this route is followed as it provides a seamless experience for the patient i.e. they are not directed away from your site. However, if this is not possible, a landing page version is provided for your use by SmileMate. Your web designer will be able to assist further with this.

Marketing your SmileMate system

As we progress towards the easing of lock-down restrictions, dentists are considering the re-launch of their paid advertising campaigns using Google and Facebook to start re-stocking treatment pipelines. A campaign specific to using SmileMate for remote smile assessment is well worthwhile in the near future. Also be sure to make the availability of the system prominent on your website, for example prominent call-to-action boxes on the home page, cosmetic dentistry pages, contact pages etc.

Getting started – free trial

There is naturally some scepticism with regard to systems like this but for sure we will all need to develop new ways of working to overcome new, unexpected challenges. SmileMate is a great way to experiment and to help you decide; they also provide a free trial.

If you would like to discuss a suite of tools to help your own practice bounce back as lock-down restrictions are eased, please call the team at Dental Media for no-obligation advice. We can be contacted on 01332 672548 – please keep safe.