The Anatomy Of A Dental Social Media Marketing Report

Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and the return on investment

In the first blog of the new year I thought it would be useful to take a look at the type of report we issue to dentists where we are undertaking social media marketing on their behalf. This is the “numbers” report where we illustrate how the campaign(s) is performing and the overall cost per new enquiry. Together with the numbers, we also issue a commentary on what was completed in the previous month and the strategy for the month ahead – the overall objective is to ensure that the dentist can see what is being paid and exactly what the returns on that investment is in terms of getting new patient enquiries.

Let’s jump in….

Overall statistics

Social Media Ad Impressions

The first section of the report shows the name of the campaign (in this case two campaigns) and information regarding impressions and reach. In this example it’s quite self-explanatory in that we are showing the number of times a landing page was viewed by people clicking on dental ads on Facebook and Instagram. We also show how many people those ads reached and also the number of times the ads were shown (impressions).

As background, these were two campaigns with broad reach advertising certain types of dentistry for clients in the north of England – for obvious reasons we have obscured specific names and locations. The reporting period is one month, but noting that ads were paused over the Christmas period.

Costs and clicks

Landing Page Clicks

The second part of the report shows information about the cost of the campaigns, broken down into the number of actual clicks that were generated and number and cost of each landing page view. There is also another metric, ‘frequency’, which shows the average number of times each person in the target audience saw the ads. This is an important indicator of when dental Facebook ads go stale and when they need to be re-configured.

New patient enquiries

Dental social media ROI

The last part of the report shows critical information about how many people actually completed the registration form on the landing page i.e. enquiries about treatments etc. We are also able to calculate the cost of each enquiry at this stage. It is also possible to load the enquiries into a CRM (customer relationship management) system to track which ones resulted in treatments and the revenue/profit generated – this allows a complete evaluation of the return on investment for the campaigns.


Transparent reporting is critical to the success of any marketing campaign, not just to see what works and what doesn’t, but also to allow the dental client to see what he/she is spending and how the return matches up to their expectations.

By deploying highly targeted ads, engaging landing pages and tracking tools to record exactly how campaigns perform, the team at Dental Media offers dentists the opportunity to bring in highly cost-effective new patient enquiries for a variety of treatment types. In the examples above we were able to deliver 48 high quality enquiries in less than a month at an average cost per enquiry of under £28.

If you would like to know more and receive a proposal for your own practice, please get in touch on 01332 672548 or complete the website contact form.