Stunning Visuals For Dental Websites

Professional photography and video – taking websites to the next level!

We’ve commented previously about the power of high-quality visuals when it comes to building great dental websites which really stand out. If anything, those comments are even truer today than when we first made them.

When we talk about “visuals” we primarily mean photography and video, not the structural design of the website per se. Furthermore we also need to differentiate between “stock” visuals i.e. the pre-made photographs you often see being used to build dental sites, and the bespoke photographs generated when a professional photographer visits the practice for a bespoke shoot.

Dental photo shoot UK example 1

As we’ll see, the bespoke, personalised imagery works much better for patient engagement than the generic stock images that many agencies fall back on.

Stock images versus a personal photo shoot

Most design agencies will have membership of one or more images libraries where they can access a wide range of pre-shot photographs for use with their client’s website projects. This makes it easy and cheap to gather a selection of images to use. Whilst you can build a perfectly adequate website like this, what is clear is that too many dentists are following the same tack and ending up with websites which look quite generic i.e. just too similar to the competitor website from the practice down the road.

What we know from many years of experience working with dentists and securing new patient enquiries, is that websites which stand out from the crowd work much better than those which look “samey” or generic. Of course this has to be matched with excellent usability and great technical underpinnings as this will also affect performance, not just for the user but how well the website works in Google too.

Hence it really is essential these days to ensure that you website is top-grade and really does stand out above your competitors. One essential component to achieve this is to ensure that the visuals you use are bespoke and personalised, not generic stock versions which appear on numerous websites as well as your own.

Why personalised visuals work much better than stock images

It is well understood than most shoppers are keen to see who they are dealing with and this also goes for patients who are seeking new dental services. Indeed, we see increasing levels of traffic not only to dental websites but also to the associated social media channels as users seek assurances and “social proof” before they jump in to use a new service.

Essentially users are researching potential suppliers in depth before stepping in. A big part of this validation process is checking the supplier’s team and facilities and there’s no better way to assist this than by providing personalised visuals, together with other techniques such as testimonials, before and after cases etc.

Dental website photograph example 2

This works far better than generic stock images which often completely misrepresent the type of service a new patient might expect. What I mean here is that you regularly see websites which look like they are associated with leading Harley Street clinics where the actual service is being offered from a semi-detached terraced house in a small town. Whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, you may wish to consider what your patient might think when they turn up for their first appointment and what they find doesn’t quite match their expectation.

Bottom line is that patients want to empathise with who you are and what you do – present them with a website that doesn’t really look like it matches your business and you won’t achieve that; indeed you may well end up putting them off.

Case study

This website was re-built for a client who had previously worked with a company which only offered stock images with their web projects. As well as a full suite of photographs, a professional quality video was filmed by our team to illustrate the practice in detail and what patients might expect during their treatment.

White Smiles Sunningdale

Results have far exceeded expectation with the number of successful booking generated from the website significantly increased when compared to the previous version.

What does it cost to add bespoke visuals to a dental website?

Whilst there is a reasonable fee attached to deploying a professional photographer and video team, I think this is best viewed in the context of return on investment. Given the performance boost we see with websites which actively use bespoke visuals, the returns are excellent and the initial outlay easily covered by new patient bookings; even just a few implant or ortho treatments.

For budget purposes, expect in the region of £2 – £3.5k for a full video shoot inclusive of photography, with the final cost depending on the scope of work.


The benefits and payback from using bespoke, personalised photography and video for dental websites is clear and there is a compelling case to invest in those services versus using generic stock images so common on websites these days.

To find out more and to book an exploratory discussion with our producer, please call the visuals team at Dental Media on 01332 672548. Whether it’s for a new website project or to add new visuals to an existing site, we’ll be pleased to assist.