How we secured 20 confirmed Invisalign open day bookings in less than 3 weeks with exceptional ROI

How we secured 20 confirmed Invisalign open day bookings in less than 3 weeks with exceptional ROI

Filling open day seats with Facebook & Instagram advertising, optimised landing pages and Acuity on-line booking

Over the last two years the team at Dental Media has developed and optimised a suite of techniques to secure low-cost open day bookings for dentists looking to promote their services. Using Facebook and Instagram advertising in conjunction with user-friendly tools to help users engage with the service and book easily online, excellent booking rates have been achieved at very attractive, low costs.

I thought it would be useful to share a short case study of how we achieved this for a dentist based in Bishop’s Stortford who was looking to enhance Invisalign bookings to increase the case load for a visiting orthodontist and also to achieve better utlilisation of expensive intra-oral scanning equipment.

Let’s take a look at how we exceeded expectations and how the campaign has been extended to cover additional open days. Please note that we also have a similar set of tools to achieve excellent results for implant bookings.

The challenge

The dentist we are working with is well-established but practices in a location with limited population density and hence limited scope to supply “high end” treatments such as Invisalign. So even with good organic Google rankings, his reach via the web was somewhat restricted.

We have seen this type of scenario on numerous occasions and invariably a strategy is required which complements standard organic Google searches and the limitations of localisation that this brings. The best way to extend the reach outside of the areas which can reasonably covered with Google results is to use paid advertising, either Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram, or a combination of both.

Which pay-per-click (PPC) methodology works best depends on the type of campaign and the treatment being promoted. For Invisalign, we find that Facebook/Instagram ads tend to work best and delivers enquiries at the lowest cost. That said, Google Ads also have a place and may also be deployed selectively.

How we do it

The technique involves the use of 3 key elements which are covered in turn below:

The optimised landing page

Rather than simply direct clicks to a standard website page, we prefer to use a bespoke landing page which is carefully crafted to highlight all of the benefits of the treatment alongside patient testimonials, before/after photographs, an enticing offer and an online booking form. In some cases we also include the facility for the patient to use a smile analysis and visualisation tool such as SmileMate. Our data shows that a bespoke landing page can be up to three times more effective at delivering conversions than a standard website page.

Acuity Scheduling

It is essential that you make it as easy as possible for potential new dental patients to sign up for your Invisalign open event and this is where online booking plays a huge part. Our preferred tool for this is known as Acuity Scheduling which is an online booking form that can be embedded into your landing page. The system is very intuitive and simple for patients to use. Your schedule can be set up and bookings viewed via a secure online portal.

Acuity is very flexible and it can be linked to various payment systems if you wish. We find that taking a small, fully-refundable booking deposit is useful to deter time-wasters and to ensure that you don’t waste admin and clinical time because of no-shows.

Facebook/Instagram advertising

To ensure that the open event is seen as broadly as possible, we deploy a carefully crafted set of adverts to targeted audiences in and around the practice. This type of advertising is not bound by localisation issues that you find with standard Google searches and so we can reach further afield to specifically targeted groups. The technique can be extremely powerful when done correctly.

This is where the expertise of our team really comes into play. It does take skill and experience to set up landing pages and tools such as Acuity; however the set-up and management of social media advertising is very detailed, particularly when it comes to optimisation for best results. Campaigns like this are not “fire-and-forget” and need regular intervention to ensure consistent delivery.

A word on offers

It is very clear that a tempting offer is key to ensure that this type of campaign really does deliver and it pays to think outside of the box for this. Remember that more dentists are starting to discover paid advertising and the “standard” offers are now commonplace e.g. free whitening, free retainers and so forth. Differentiation is key and so it really does pay to think about making your offer as attractive as possible. We can also help you with this.

Return on investment

So how much does this cost and how well do campaigns like this pay back? This will vary depending on the scope of the project and the extent of the advertising required. However, for a campaign such as the one mentioned above in Bishop’s Stortford, set up and click costs totalled less than £1.5k. The twenty bookings resulted in several high quality treatment cases and whilst we are not privy to the profit margins involved, the return-on-investment is projected to be at least five fold based on the treatment alone. Future treatments will significantly increase this as time progresses.


Selling treatments such as dental implants and Invisalign is less daunting and expensive that you might think. Using a carefully crafted and optimised set of solutions, Dental Media can bring qualified new enquiries to your dental practice very affordably and with excellent return-on-investment.

Please call our paid ads team today on 01332 672548 to see how we can help.