Choosing images which work well for Facebook advertising

Choosing images which work well for Facebook advertising

Getting attention whilst still complying with Facebook’s strict advertising rules

One of our most popular services here at Dental Media at the moment is Facebook marketing for dentists.

This is where we use our marketing skill to create engaging adverts to show on Facebook to showcase a dentist’s services and attract new patients. The technique is very effective if done right and what you spend on the service can easily be outstripped in new patient revenue.

However, like all advertising, it’s not as simple as “set up and go” and a lot of knowledge and experience is brought to bear to get it right. One of the key elements when advertising on Facebook is the selection of the right sort of images and today we’ll take a closer look at this important factor.

Why image selection matters

It makes sense the a great image will always be the element in an advert which catches the attention. A catchy strap line is also important but getting the image right is even more so. Whilst it’s tempting to simply sign-up to an online image bank and use one of the thousands of generic, smiley face images from there, it first pays to take a look at what other advertisers are doing. You’ll soon realise that corny, generic images are ten a penny and won’t make you stand out from the crowd.

Much better is to go the “personalised” route and introduce images of the practice, staff and patients where you can. Of course you must seek approval first and reference the GDC guidelines to make sure you aren’t falling foul of legislation. The golden rule there is if you are in doubt, then don’t publish. However with a bit of planning and diligence you should be OK. These personalised images are much more appealing for users who typically want to see who they are dealing with and the facilities on offer, rather than some generic, bland offering.

Don’t be afraid to become a little bit more technical if you are promoting specific services, for example, product images for treatments such as implants and orthodontic appliances can work well in the correct context. Your product supplier should be able to help out with some images which you can use, but please read on before you jump in.

Facebook weirdness – why some apparently innocuous images fail their publishing tests

Many DIY Facebook advertisers get really stuck when it comes to getting their ads past Facebook’s approval system. In the first instance, automated filters check your images and text for compliance but these are also backed up by manual inspection at the Facebook side. Very often, seemingly innocuous images such as treatment schematics will not get past the filters, leaving the advertiser wondering what they did wrong.

The text filters Facebook uses are also very critical and need to be navigated very carefully if frustration is to be avoided. Even as experienced advertisers, we still occasionally have ads rejected and have to modify them and re-submit. Anything that shows a treatment in action, even if just a representation, can be rejected. Also anything, whether text or image, which alludes to a person’s condition, can also be stopped. So keep these things in mind when you set up your first ads and then be prepared for some trial and error as you attempt to navigate the weird and wonderful world of Facebook’s ad filters!


Image selection when you are advertising on Facebook is very important, not just to stimulate the correct response from users but also to get past the arguably over-zealous filtering systems which Facebook uses. With a lot of trial and error you will eventually build up a good picture of what works and what doesn’t, but be prepared for some considerable frustration as you learn!

Alternatively, if you are time poor and need some help getting moving with ad campaigns for your own practice, why not call the experienced team at Dental Media to see how we can help? You can reach us for a no-obligation chat on 01332 672548.