Why Ad Content Refreshes Are Critical For Facebook Marketing

Why Ad Content Refreshes Are Critical For Facebook Marketing

Stagnant Facebook Ads Don’t Work And Cost You Money!

Advertising on Facebook is fast becoming a “must-have” component of any comprehensive dental marketing tool-kit. However, you may see more dentists expressing frustration with the Facebook channel than celebrating their success with it. This is usually down to inexperience and not understanding which parameters to use to get results, and a DIY approach often doesn’t work here.

One of the key mistakes being made by dentists advertising on Facebook is failing to maintain and update the ads they are using – both the text and image content. But why is this important? Let’s take a closer look.

Refreshing the creative content of Facebook Ads – why it matters

Facebook is far more visual than channels like Google when it comes to advertising. Whereas in Google you will likely leave text ads weeks and sometimes months before tweaking them, with Facebook, ads which not regularly maintained, very quickly become stale and stop performing. This is because users very quickly become “banner blind” and even if your ad is in front of them, it simply stops registering. The more frequently they see the ad, the stronger this effect becomes.

How often do you need to revisit your Facebook ads to update them?

This depends and actually will be dictated by what you see in your data analytics. There are a number of parameters you can see in the Facebook reporting suite which will guide you on when to intervene. Dental marketing experience certainly counts here but there are some key things to look out for to indicate an ad may have become stale. Look for elements such as “frequency”, the amount of times an ad has been served (av) to an audience, the costs per conversion rising, actual conversions dropping off, engagement falling etc. It becomes clear fairly quickly when intervention is necessary.

Typically ads need to be refreshed anywhere between 1 – 6 weeks but it will vary considerably. The key is to monitor the data and use this to help make your decisions.

What needs to be refreshed and how?

It is worth reviewing both the text associated with an ad and the images used – collectively you may hear the term “ad creative” used in the marketing world to reference this. Similarly it pays to check the landing page content and periodically review this to ensure that it remains appropriate and engaging. So look to the images you use and try to ensure that they are related to what you are trying to advertise – smiley faces are too generic and don’t really work that well, whereas images of braces and implants used for specific campaigns, tend to work much better. This is because they resonate with users who are actually considering these types of treatments, rather than generic “cheesy” smiles which are everywhere. The chance of conversions from these specific types of ads are also much higher than random clicks from more generic ads.

It also pays to review your ad text regularly, for example making sure your offers are up-to-date and maybe switching between different services periodically. The more time and effort you put in, the more you will get out.

No time to do this?

A lack of time to proactively manage a dental Facebook campaign is something we often hear from dentists, and this is where we can step in to help. Rather than struggling to try to keep on top of it, consider outsourcing this specific element of Facebook marketing to us. We know what works and what doesn’t and can quickly home in to the most appropriate ad and landing page configuration to help achieve your objective. What you waste on ad spend in a poorly managed DIY campaign can far outweigh what you would spend on external assistance.


Refreshing your Facebook ads is key to how they perform. Left to stagnate, ad performance quickly drops off and you will be wasting money, so intervention and maintenance is key. The decision on when and how to intervene will be driven by the performance data available in your ad account. If you don’t have time to do this, then consider outsourcing to an experienced Facebook advertiser who will be able to assist – the money you invest there will be worthwhile and likely much less than you will waste on an under-performing DIY campaign.

If you are considering Facebook advertising for the first time and need help, or perhaps you are frustrated with the performance of existing campaign, please call the social team and Dental Media for help on 01332 672548.