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Promote Your Dental Business Using Facebook

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Methods to extend your reach and gain new patients! Whether we like it or not, Facebook seems to be an ever-present feature in many people’s lives and it won’t be going away any time soon. To ignore it would be

Why your outsourced social media isn’t working

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Don’t waste hundreds of pounds on under-performing social media services – here’s why…. There is a lot of skepticism in dental world about the value-for-money offered by some search engine marketing companies, and rightly so. There is a strong tendency

Social Media – Be Careful What You Post!

On-line faux pas can come back to haunt you. Last night an old dental business friend called me in a somewhat distraught state. He advised that one of his Facebook posts had been picked up by the local press and

Getting started with social media marketing

Where to begin with social media for your dental practice This article is aimed at providing a concise introduction to social media marketing for dentists – why it’s worth doing, how to get set up and, importantly, what to avoid.

Can I get useful traffic and patient enquiries from Facebook?

It depends…. There is an apparent trend at the moment for dental practices to try out Facebook marketing, perhaps on recommendation from their marketing company, business coach or from what they’ve read in the media. Many practices are also trying

Social signals

What are social media signals and do they really help SEO? ‘Social signals’ is fairly loose terminology which has been coined in the SEO community to describe social media activity and in particular, interaction with social posts e.g. retweets, G

Does my practice need to be on Twitter?

Twitter for dentists – does it make sense? Earlier this week I discussed the pros and cons of Twitter with an experienced dental practice manager. The guy is quite savvy about the benefits of online marketing and had been tasked

Why your outsourced social media marketing isn’t working

Bland dental social media posts ≠ patient engagement Active use of social media is important for a number of reasons; the primary ones being patient engagement, to demonstrate “social proof” (more here) and also to indirectly assist your search engine

How to use Twitter to gather information for dental marketing

How Twitter can be used to fuel your content marketing. One of the questions I’m regularly asked when training dental teams is about how to keep momentum in their social media campaigns. It’s relatively easy to convey the benefits of

Maintaining momentum with dental practice social media

How to find useful information to supplement your own content and how to post it efficiently. Many dental practices have joined the social media revolution to help broadcast their services and raise awareness in local communities. However, a number of