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New SEO reporting from Dental Media

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Even more transparency for your digital marketing campaigns As I’ve mentioned previously in this blog, it never ceases to amaze when new dental SEO clients tell me that their old digital marketing supplier never provided reports to validate the success

Can dental web content really go viral?

Yes! This example illustrates how viral content can sky-rocket your search results A few months ago we started a low-key SEO campaign for a dentist based in the south-east of England. This was using a typical set of techniques including

Topic Authority And Dental SEO

Establish an authoritative website for top Google positions It is Google’s publicly stated aim to deliver the best answers for questions posed by users in their search engine. To achieve this Google tries to identify those websites which are popular

Buying SEO based on number of keywords? Stop!

Why keyword SEO is defunct and may be used to trick you I was recently asked to comment on a couple of SEO reports which had been given as examples to a dentist who was looking for SEO services. She

Brand new website – what next?

Getting your new dental website ranked in Google So you’ve just launched a new website and sat wondering what to do next to start making progress in Google? One option is to pay a marketing agency to start undertaking dental

SEO – the detail is in the data

Look deep into your Google Analytics data to see what’s really happening with your search optimisation As you’ve possibly gathered if you’ve read other articles in this blog, I spend much of my time working on search optimisation for dentists.

Conversion rates explained

Why you need to take notice of your dental marketing conversion rates You may sometimes see “conversion rates” referred to in dental marketing reports but perhaps not really understood what these are? Or more likely, you may never have seen

Is your website a hidden SEO hub for sneaky links?

Don’t let your dental marketer exploit your website! Here at Dental Media we have many years of SEO experience within our team and we’ve seen quite a lot of “dodgy” SEO tricks come and go. Google is now a lot

Why your SEO isn’t working

Your bolt-on expensive SEO package isn’t delivering – here’s why…. I took a call from a dentist yesterday who wanted a review of his SEO campaign which had been in place for 8 months. His SEO company dedicated to dentists,

New, longer snippet descriptions in Google results

What does it mean for your SEO and how should you act? Around the middle of November, Google started to introduce a new character limit for a key display item which appear in search results – the data “snippet”. Today