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Using 3rd party supplier or association logos on your website

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Respecting dental branding and copyright Understandably, dentists have numerous associations with 3rd party suppliers to their businesses and often want to showcase these relationships on their own dental practice websites. This is usually a good initiative in that it helps

Why your branding comes before your new website

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Your logo is a key part of your business identity and needs to come first! An issue which is raised quite often when we are planning new websites for dentists is that of the business identity i.e. the logo and

Brand design for dentists

Brand identity versus building a brand Dental practices contact us regularly to ask for help with developing their brand. Of course, for the majority, what is actually being requested is help with developing or revamping their brand identity as opposed

Dental branding case study

A new website and branding for a London Dental Specialist In early summer 2013, having sought and reviewed proposals from various UK companies, Dr Elaine Giedrys-Leeper selected Dental Media as her marketing project partner. The brief was quite broad but